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Play Nice

Karen's on the phone with Nadia, explaining that the Russians are pissed and that she needs Nadia to look into a possible leak at her end. Nadia agrees to get right on it. Hey, if she's looking for a leak? She should start with Doyle for no reason. That would serve him right. Karen asks how things are going with Audrey, and Nadia just happens to notice a posse of men in suits walking onto the floor in a cloud of vague but unquestionable authority the way they always do. This would be the psychiatric team from District, the leader of whom I already want to punch just from looking at his smug puss. Nadia admits that, aside from Audrey, they don't have any other leads. Karen offers to provide whatever additional resources Nadia needs. Nadia repairs to a slightly more private spot and rather frostily mentions something they could really use, which is the return of Buchanan. Nadia's heard rumors that Karen was the one who fired him, and asks what's going on. Karen says that she can't get into it, and hangs up with a request for continuing updates. She would probably also appreciate it if their future conversations weren't quite so awkward.

Nadia walks across the floor to greet the arriving shrink team, led by an eminently punchable walking column of smarm named Dr. Bradley. Bradley rudely says that he wants to get started right away, so Nadia dispatches him and his team to Medical, asking Bradley to give his first impressions of Audrey ASAP. Bradley just tosses a dismissive "Of course " over his shoulder as he leaves. I could save him some time by telling Nadia that my own first impression of Audrey's condition is that she could use a hot oil treatment. Milo comes up to Nadia, and this time instead of grabbing her, he just says that Doyle and Kiefer have arrived as well. Nadia tells Milo to have Doyle secure Kiefer and then meet her at Medical. Milo tries to acknowledge this, but by the time he can react, there's nothing but a tiny dust cloud where Nadia was just standing. Like the circuit board will land right there in the building if she just keeps moving fast enough.

Bradley finds Audrey in the CTU clinic. She's already been laid out on a hospital cot and dressed in a gown, and she lies there propped up with her feet apart, staring blankly at the far wall. And I can't help noticing that whatever unspeakable barbarities her captors may have visited upon her, at least they kept her legs shaved. Dr. Bradley shoos away the CTU orderly and gets in Audrey's face, talking really loud as he explains that he's there to "help her remember" anything that might help them to find Cheng. "It's all right, it's okay," he monotones as he shines lights in her eyes and looks at the marks on her arms, ignoring her flinches. Audrey really is in bad shape if she doesn't even want to smack him. Nadia takes up position outside the glass walls of Audrey's examination cubicle. Whether or not she wants to smack Dr. Bradley is open for debate.

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