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Play Nice

At 1:34:27, Kiefer's still cooling his heels in Holding. It's still way nicer than the cell he'd been occupying in China for the last two years. Doyle comes in and admits that he tried to convince Nadia to let Kiefer talk to Audrey, but that the District shrink isn't going for it: "I wish he was interested in what other people had to say, but he isn't." Sounds like someone (or someones) we know. Doyle uncuffs Kiefer as he explains what Bradley has planned for Audrey, and that it might kill her. "Why'd you uncuff me?" Kiefer asks quietly, as if he doesn't already know. Doyle just tells him to make it look good, and turns his back on Kiefer. Kiefer obligingly rises from his chair and gets Doyle into a sleeper hold from behind. Now, that isn't going to make it look good at all, not leaving a mark on him like that. After Doyle falls unconscious, Kiefer takes Doyle's security card and uses it to exit the holding room. He quickly punches out the single CTU guard posted in the hallway. Okay, that will look better. Kiefer draws the service weapon he took from Doyle's unconscious body and starts heading down the hallway to Medical.

Dr. Bradley is just about ready to start Audrey's IV. At 1:35:56, Kiefer sneaks past another hallway guard and right into Audrey's exam room. Bradley's assistant protests, and is knocked unconscious for his trouble. Kiefer, you can stop making it look good now. Kiefer then grabs Bradley by the throat and demands to know what he's done. "Nothing," Bradley stutters in a panic, and Kiefer throws him to the floor. As Kiefer starts to gather Audrey up, Bradley says that he recognizes Kiefer from Audrey's file, and repeats his position that Kiefer's just going to make her worse. Well, then, maybe they should stop forcing Kiefer to beat people up in front of Audrey. Kiefer ignores him and, as gently but quickly as he can, gets Audrey up off the bed and leads her out of the room. As soon as they've gone, Bradley gets up and hits the wall alarm, which looks a lot like an ordinary fire alarm. Well, whatever works. It should be pretty easy to find Kiefer and Audrey after everyone else in the building has evacuated it.

Except that nobody's leaving. Out on the main floor, Nadia comes up to Milo and asks, over the din of the klaxon, where the alarm's coming from. Milo has already pinpointed the source, so Nadia tells Morris to pull up the video feed from Audrey's room. Which is approximately where Nadia was when last we saw her, but she'd already made her decision to walk back to the floor and you know how she is lately about changing her mind. On Morris's monitor, Nadia sees Bradley helping his assistant up next to an empty bed. "She's gone," Nadia analyzes. See, Buchanan was right about her being the correct person for the job. She tells Morris to change the channel to Kiefer's holding room. Milo grumbles, "If we'd just let Jack talk to Audrey, none of this would have happened." Nadia looks at him with an expression of betrayal and guilt. Yeah, Nadia, you should have just let the violent psychopath have his way. It's 1:37:02.

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