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Vlad the Impaled
the first line he's gotten on this show. Awesome. Kevin finds a bag, and Nick rips it open to find some fat bricks of cash inside. Dana tells them to get out of there. "The next patrol is in less than fifteen minutes. You've got the money. Close the doors and leave." Kevin happily acknowledges, and hangs up. But Nick isn't ready to leave yet -- he wants to root through the goodies some more. After all, Dana said they have fifteen minutes. Dana leaves the newly christened CTU Robbery Ops Center at 10:12:03, unaware that her accomplices are even stupider than she feared.

At 10:16:22, one of the act-in splitscreens still shows Nick digging among the evidence bins and scattering their contents all over the floor. Remember Dana saying that nobody would ever know they were there? Someone clearly forgot to loop Nick in on that part of the plan. When the clock stops ticking, we join Kiefer and Walker (and Lugo) in Vladimir's office, listening to him talking to someone on the phone and apparently striking out as far as nuclear rods go. "They did not appreciate being called so late," Vladimir adds, and goes to the bar for a fresh drink while telling Walker to cut him a piece of bread. Vladimir wants to do a shot of vodka with Kiefer, but doesn't exactly stand on ceremony, downing his own while Kiefer watches. Kiefer advises Vladimir slow down. Gosh, 24 Russians certainly are hard-drinking folk, aren't they? Vladimir gives Kiefer another chance to tipple with him, and this time Kiefer does. With two fresh shots sloshing around inside him, Vladimir goes to critique Walker's bread-cutting technique, wrapping himself around her to "help" her while carefully watching Kiefer's reaction. Kiefer manages to keep cool while Vladimir's looking, but permits himself one beast of a jaw-flex once Vladimir's back is turned. Vladimir observes to Kiefer that Walker has changed. Yeah, we noticed that too. "Six years ago, she thought she was too good for me. Now she is much more friendly. Maybe I should thank you, all that time you were together in Mexico City." He's about to Go There, but Kiefer cuts him off, telling him to do his talking on the phone. Vladimir agrees, but tells Lugo to take Kiefer out of the room. And get him some vodka while he's up. Because if you're calling Russian mob captains to ask them about weapons-grade uranium, you want to sound as drunk as possible.

Out in the main garage, at 10:18:37, Lugo invites Kiefer to take a seat, and leaves on his vodka run after instructing the other goon to watch the front. And that's how Kiefer ends up being the closest person to the back office. This will be important later.

At the Russian restaurant back in Manhattan, Bazhaev leads a young priest named Father Gregor across the dining room, where dead Oleg, in a clean shirt, is laid out in the middle of the room like an irradiated all-you-can-eat buffet. Bazhaev asks Gregor to bury Oleg -- now, out back, like a dead pet. Which should be fun, since the aerial establishing shot before this scene suggested that this restaurant is located right downtown. "My men will dig the grave." Which should be fun, in the alley and all. Gregor tries to protest the impropriety of this, but Bazhaev insists: "Treat him like a soldier who died on the battlefield and must be buried." Gregor carefully asks if that's how he died, but Bazhaev is done answering questions. "Where I end up, I don't care. But this boy is with the angels." Let's just hope he's not with all the other people who have already been killed this season. That room would be a lot more crowded.

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