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Vlad the Impaled
down her phone. It's 10:36:17, and if that cop dies, she's an accessory to murder for the second time. Like they used to say on her old show, this has happened before, and will happen again.

At 10:40:32, Tarin knocks on room 2404 in the U.N. residences, and Hassan's daughter Kayla answers. I'd say she's been relaxing in her own suite, but she hasn't even unbuttoned her suit jacket. She's quite happy to see him, then concerned that he's all right, and then she lets him in. He takes a minute to check that they're alone, and once he's satisfied, they hug each other hard. I'm not entirely surprised that these two are in a relationship, but I'm not sure we're supposed to be. Tarin tells her about Hassan's order to have Jamot's wife and children arrested, which he apparently caught wind of after leaving the office. She doesn't believe it. "He gave the order himself," Tarin says. "I thought I'd convinced him not to, but he was lying to me. He went behind my back." That sounds even less like the Hassan Kayla knows and blindly believes in than the first thing Tarin said, but it seems to convince her. "Farhad's betrayal has changed him," Tarin explains. Kayla wonders what they can do about it, but before Tarin can answer, there's a knock on the door. Kayla picks up her TV remote to switch to the picture-in-picture view from the security camera outside her door, and sees three swarthy, suited guys waiting outside, led by Shady himself. She tells Tarin to stay out of sight while she answers. She goes out into the hallway to talk to them, closing the door behind her and telling them she hasn't seen Tarin. Shady is about to order a search of her suite, telling Kayla to her face he doesn't believe her, but before it escalates too far, Tarin himself comes out to confront Shady, who says Tarin is now suspected of involvement in the conspiracy himself. They try to talk Shady down, but he isn't hearing them. "Don't you see my hands are tied?" he smirks. Tarin hands over his gun and allows himself to be handcuffed. As he's being led off, Kayla calls after them that she'll talk to her dad and get him to change his mind. Except I think he's already changed it, for a much more paranoid one. Seriously, what kind of conspirator would willingly get in the car that was scheduled to be immediately blown up?

At 10:43:33, Kiefer is getting bored of waiting. And inside the inner office, Vladimir has just wrapped up a call with his last contact, who also knew nothing. "He also said it's suicide to deal in them. Meier has wasted our time." Walker insists they call someone else, and when Vladimir says he's done, she pushes him to call some of them back. Vladimir is refusing, and getting irritated, as well: "Just because I like your face doesn't mean I have to put up with your crap," he says. "We made five million. A good night's work." So maybe "Meier" didn't waste your time after all. Walker says they could have fifty, and Vladimir chuckles and gets grabby some more. "Plus we have each other," he says, like five million is worth putting up with him. Walker brings his phone to him, still insisting. Vladimir still doesn't budge, and he tells her to go send Kiefer away. This keeps escalating until they're both yelling at each other about the deal. "That is why you're here? The deal?" Vladimir asks disgustedly, like she didn't already tell him exactly that, several dozen times. "Why else?" she spits. "You think that I'm here for you?" Vladimir punches that face he likes so much, and then does it again. The second blow knocks her down, and the bread board spills to the floor with her. He smirks and tells her to get up. Which she does, but with the bread knife in her hand. Which she uses to stab him in the face. See, if he hadn't had so much vodka, I bet his reaction time would have been better and he could have at least put a hand up. That might have kept him alive for another three seconds, at least.

Out in the main part of the garage, Kiefer hears Vladimir's howl and scream, and runs into the inner office. Again, he's too late; he finds Walker on top of the now-dead Vladimir, who in addition to his ruined right eye also has several stab wounds in his torso and is getting a fresh one at a rate of about one per second. Good luck getting him to make more calls now, Walker. Kiefer goes to pull her off, and she turns around and blindly sticks the knife in his belly. They exchange horrified looks -- through his Harry Potter glasses, no less -- and he crumples to the floor with the knife still sticking out of him. Lugo comes in and takes in the scene. While he reaches for his gun, Walker gasps, and Kiefer suddenly recovers enough to sit up and hurl the knife backhanded across the room, where it lodges in Lugo's throat. And from behind the sofa, no less. Lugo crashes to the ground. Finally, here comes the other goon, and Kiefer shoots at his shadow through the corrugated plastic partition, taking him down before he's even in sight. Walker drops to her knees, and Kiefer comforts her while she cries. It's 10:46:16, and Kiefer's been proven right yet again. Yay?

At 10:50:33, Kiefer is multitasking. He's bandaging his abdomen in Vladimir's bathroom while updating Hastings and the rest of the speaking roles back at CTU (as well as Cole, who is still driving around somewhere) by cell phone. He tells them Vladimir came up empty. "Renee kept pushing him, and it got ugly. Laitanan's dead. He attacked her." Hastings is surprised to hear that Walker killed him. "Half an hour earlier she was having sex with the guy. How's that even happen, Jack?" Well, sex and murderous thoughts aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, as Mrs. Hastings no doubt realizes. Kiefer says she was defending herself. Buttoning his bloody shirt back up, Kiefer suggests they "move on." Hastings wonders how they do that, now that their only lead is dead. Kiefer, who's used to being the one who decides when something or someone is their only lead, says they can work up the calls Vladimir made tonight, as well as his files and his computer. As if there'll be anything on the latter but a lot of porn featuring petite, freckled redheads. Cole chimes in that he and his team are five minutes away. Hastings wants Vladimir's body back to be autopsied. I'm no pathologist, but I'd be prepared to speculate a cause of death already. "Any other good news?" Hastings asks. "Jack? Cole? Dana?" Dana, I should have mentioned before now, has been completely spaced out throughout this whole meeting, and has nothing to contribute. Cole doesn't fail to note the detachment in her voice from his end, although he doesn't say anything. But after the call is over, Hastings yells at Dana: "Our entire operation just went south. You think you could show a little interest? Pull it together!" There's that delicate Hastings touch. Of course, if he wants to see an operation that went south, he should go check the archives on the computer in the Robbery Ops Center.

Kiefer goes back out into the main office, and in a little-girl voice, Walker says he didn't have to cover for her. He says he told the truth, but she says they'll know what happened when they see Vladimir. Oh, come on, they're in an auto shop. Fill some of those knife-holes with Bondo and nobody will ever be the wiser. As he goes to her and crouches down in front of her, Walker admits Kiefer was right: "I couldn't handle it." He says it's okay, but she points out, "I could have killed you." Oh, no she couldn't have. So many have tried on purpose, it's not going to happen by accident. Crying again, she says she thought she could have her life back if she did this. Kiefer says she can have it back any time she wants: "You just need to want it." But she doesn't know how to do that. "I don't have anything, anyone." "You have me," Kiefer says, whatever he means by that. Don't worry, he doesn't kiss her. I wouldn't either, given the fact that blood from her last sexual partner is now staining Kiefer's spleen. He wipes her tears, and she pulls herself together. He encourages, "Every call Laitanan made is a solid lead we can follow up, and that's because of you. You did your part. Now let CTU do their job. Please, let me take you home." She agrees. Then there's a noise from outside, and Kiefer says, "Dammit, they really must have been moving. CTU's here

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