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Vlad the Impaled
already." Unless of course it's not CTU, but that doesn't seem to occur to either of them. He reminds her, for later, that Vladimir attacked her and she defended herself. Twelve or thirteen times, looks like. "If anybody else wants to ask you questions about that, I'll be right there with you to answer them," he says. We'll see about that. Even if the authorities would allow that, has he seen the new interrogation rooms at CTU? There isn't room for three people in there, even if one of them is Kiefer.

He goes out to meet the new arrivals at 10:54:42. And then he hears the people walking past the window. There are at least three of them, and they're speaking Russian. Kiefer dives out of sight, and runs back to the office. Draggling Lugo's body clear of the door so he can close it, Kiefer tells Walker, "They're Russian. Vladimir must have contacted whoever got the rods. They just didn't want him to know." Fortunately, Kiefer's already got a plan: "I'm going to let them take me." Okay, maybe "plan" is a strong word, but he's just done an awful lot of thinking in a very short time. He's rapidly searching the office for a hiding spot for Walker, and when she protests, he says, "You want everything you've done so far to matter? I need to do this." He instructs her to tell CTU to track him from the air. "These people are going to lead us to everything we're looking for," he says. Gosh, it almost sounds too easy. Except, as Walker points out, they'll kill him. "No, at worst they're going to have to vet me," Kiefer says. "Find out how much I know. Should buy us enough time." So it's called "vetting" now? That's a much more pleasant word than "torture." He finds that water heater closet that Walker located last hour and stashes her inside, with his gun. Or, I guess, Lugo's gun. "This door opens again, you start shooting," he instructs. Which will be good, now that he used half the clip shooting the goon earlier.

The three Russians burst into the inner office, guns at the ready and that pantry guard from the restaurant in charge. He comments in Russian on the three corpses, including Vladimir. While they're trying to figure that out, Kiefer calls out from the bathroom that he's coming out. He does, keeping his hands visible and dangling a bloody white cloth. He shows he's unarmed and gets to his knees, begging them not to shoot. The boss asks what happened. "They tried to rip me off, but you and I, we can do business," Kiefer claims. The leader storms up to Kiefer with his gun, and Kiefer convincingly cowers, telling him not to shoot. "You kill me, you're gonna cost your boss a lot of money." Kiefer says he's alone. "All I wanna do is business." The leader orders the gunmen to take him, and they head out. One of them stays behind to check the bathroom. He spots the closet where Walker is hidden, and takes an inexcusable amount of time going up to it, while Walker readies the gun she's holding. "Mikhail! We leave," the leader calls just in time. And they do.

Splitscreen time. While Walker is trapped in the closEEET, Kevin and Nick share a bottle as they drive along, now laughing at their narrow escape. I'm sure Dana will also appreciate the humor. Hassan stares out his window, probably seeing enemies everywhere. Bazhaev looks pensive. The truck with the fuel rods is parked at a truck stop, the driver having joined the guard in back. And Cole drives his team to Vladimir's place. That would have been kind of awkward for Kiefer if they'd showed up before he'd been taken away, don't you think?

CTU pulls up, flashers blinking, and Cole leads his team inside the empty garage, guns drawn. They soon find the bodies, and Cole orders one of his men to start uploading video to CTU. It's up on the big screen in real time. "Any sign of Jack or Renee?" Hastings asks over Cole's earpiece. Out comes Walker, letting them see her hands first as she slowly emerges from the bathroom. Cole tells Hastings she's alive, and asks her where Kiefer is. "The Russians took him," Walker says. "The ones that have the nuclear materials." Cole asks them how, when they've been watching the building and haven't seen any vehicles leave. Walker doesn't know. Man, if this turns out to be something that Dana should have caught, her face is going to be so red. "Jack let himself be taken," Walker says. "He said you'd be monitoring him from the air." CTU's got dick on that, even with drones having been overhead the whole time. "Where is he?" Walker demands. "We don't know," Hastings says lamely. Cole relays to Walker, to his obvious embarrassment, "We don't know."

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