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Multiple Diagnosis Disorder

At the meeting, House insists that platitudes don't help. And he asks a guy named Emory if his dead child had a rash or was sensitive to sunlight. Nope! After the meeting, House has a diagnosis for Emory and wants to exhume the son. Emory says that his ex-wife would have to approve it, but she wants nothing to do with him or Drew's death. House says that Emory's anger comes from Drew's death, but also from not having an answer. Emory tells House that Drew is in a crypt in St. Jude's cemetery.

Adams pokes at Iris, who says she's got some tenderness in the abdomen and the breasts. She hasn't been having regular periods, so maybe she's pregnant. Adams says they just need a drop of blood to test for that. And even though Iris has never had sex (that's two episodes in a row with virgins! The clown kid was last week, right?), pregnancy would explain all of her symptoms. But then she develops a new one: she can't feel her arms! I'm starting to think the doctors on this show have a superpower where they can cause people to generate new symptoms every time they declare a diagnosis.

House is at the cemetery. The old man leading him is too slow for his taste. He asks House what he intends to do. House goes with a NAMBLA joke and tells him that after taking bribes to let him plunder graves, he shouldn't have opinions. Then he relents and says he's looking for a hole in the cartilage of boy's nose. The old man, whose name is Milton, lets House into the tomb where Drew's sarcophagus is lying. Or laying. Anyway, it's in there. And the kid's name is Drew. House slowly starts to jimmy the lid, but his phone rings. He puts it on speakerphone and sets it aside to continue his literally ghoulish activities.

At the other end of the phone call, it's Adams with the news that Iris is pregnant. But what caused the arm thing? Taub says cerebral tumor. Adams says vasculitis. Park says MS. Chase eventually rushes into House's office to join everybody else. He asks House where he is, and House answers, "Nowhere, he said cryptically." Nice work! Chase has nothing to add to the diagnoses. Park observes that Chase's eyebrows have been waxed, and everyone assumes he's also had a Brazilian. I'm still not convinced Chase doesn't get Brazilians all the time. House pokes at Drew's nose, which is not punctured. He jumps in on Park's obsession with Chase, but authorizes Chase's HIV theory, along with an MRI to check for tumors. Then he spots something weird in Drew's fingers.

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