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Do you shiv or swallow?

Meanwhile, back on the news, people are rioting in the streets due to the racial tensions arising from Governor Devlin's promise to pardon the indicted mayor. Tensions are rising in Oz as well, and Leo prepares the SORT team to handle any violence. As the montage continues, we see Cindy getting his promotion and wiping away his lipstick while Em City and the other wards are put into lockdown. Jefferson Keane's singing slowly fades up on the soundtrack as the SORT team finds Papa Beecher's body, and then we pan through the empty rooms and corridors of Oz while the television shows us scenes of mounting violence. Looks like it's gonna be another messy year in Oz, folks.

Tom Fontana: Hey! What am I, chopped liver?
Aaron: Sorry. Would you settle for a quick "Get out, now?" I'm trying to finish this recap before the playoff games start.
Tom Fontana: Oh, for the love of crap! I was here first, you know. Hell, this network was still trying to live off Wendie Malick's tits when I got here! But nooooo. Everybody only ever wants to hear about Chase and Ball…Ball and Chase. Meanwhile, that fucker never even sent me a thank-you note for Edie Falco! You believe that shit?
Aaron: Wow. Um…I promise I'll try to do better next week.
Tom Fontana: You damn well better. And for God's sake, wipe your face.

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