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House and Foreman visit Cuddy's office, where House protests that Foreman's leadership position is supposed to be for appearances only. Foreman doesn't agree with that, and neither does Cuddy. House threatens to shove his cane up Foreman's ass, and Cuddy praises him on presenting a very convincing argument. Seriously, House; threatening physical violence is never the way to prove that you're mature and able enough to retain your leadership position. House whines that he shouldn't be punished for Chase's "killing" someone. Cuddy, who's probably been waiting all week to get to say this, says there's a flowchart in the lobby that specifies who gets to be in charge when someone else kills someone: "If Cameron kills somebody, Chase takes over." Chase is going to be taking over a lot, in that case. Cuddy orders House to defer to Foreman for the next three weeks, even though this is a ridiculous plot contrivance. Foreman smirks and says that he likes sugar in his coffee. Cuddy reminds him that all mistakes in the department are now his responsibility, not House's. Remember that while you're enjoying your sweet-ass coffee, Foreman.

Cynthia Nixon, whose character's name is revealed to be Anica, tries to fill out a medical-history form while House looks over her horse-racing picks. She complains that, with questions like "were you vaccinated for polio?," she must have the form intended for FDR. Nice try, Anica, but FDR was the one person who you wouldn't need to ask if he'd been vaccinated for polio, wasn't he? ["She should know that by now." -- Wing Chun] Anica's health seems to have improved enough for her to jump up and whisk the horse racing paper out of House's hands, telling him that she'll give him all the winning picks he wants after he cures her. She reads off another silly question about how happy she is with her life, and House agrees that the form is completely without merit, and throws it on the floor so that the flirty doctor-patient repartee can truly begin. Anica wants to know what a "respectable doctor" like House was doing at an OTB. House wants to know what a whatever she is was doing there, too. "It turns me on," she purrs. House asks her for a list of things that turn her on, because he's taking the kind of medical history most doctors only wish they could: "Rough sex? Casual sex? Casual rough sex?" "No sex," Anica says. She moved to town recently (from Chicago?) and doesn't have a job yet, so she doesn't know anyone. Which is why she was at the OTB, I'm guessing, since that's such a great place to mix and mingle. House checks out Anica's streaky bruising. Anica smiles seductively at him, like House is giving her a massage as opposed to poking around at the insane red lines she's got on her stomach. She claims that his prodding doesn't hurt. House mentions Cushing's syndrome, and Anica knows exactly what that is, because she saw that episode. That, and the fact that she had an adenoma removed from her pituitary gland last year.

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