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Back at the office, Chase says that the mass on Anica's pancreas must have been some harmless scar tissue, not cancer. If that was a possibility, why the hell didn't they tell Anica that before the biopsy? Geez! This is the worst hospital ever! Foreman's pleased as punch, because this means his theory is totally right, even though Anica hasn't exhibited any symptoms of alcoholism aside from that 0.13 BAC she came in with, which really isn't that high for an alcoholic. Plus, she's eating freaking pudding and chilling out in her room, which isn't exactly consistent with the DTs. Drop it already, Foreman. House is still sure Anica's got Cushing's, noting that her bloodwork showed she had ACTH at Cushing's levels. They just don't know what's triggering it. "There is another possibility," Cameron pipes up. Foreman tells her to continue, thinking she's going to talk about alcoholism or something that makes him look good. But no, Cameron's idea is that Anica doesn't have anything wrong with her at all and knows it, which is why she was so calm when Cameron told her about the cancer: "Maybe she injected herself with the ACTH." Maybe Anica has Munchausen's! Every hospital show has someone with it eventually, after all. Like Grey's Anatomy, which scooped House on this (in an episode that hasn't been recapped here yet, so, no link yet).

Unlike everyone else, Cameron actually took the time to read Anica's medical records and noted that Anica's been hospitalized four times in as many months. Her pancreatic scarring could have come from Anica injecting herself with ACTH to induce the Cushing's symptoms. House points out that Anica had brain surgery, and brain tumors are pretty hard to fake. Unless you're on this show, in which case everyone assumes you have a brain tumor until they figure out that it's just a worm or rabies or something. Cameron says that invisible tumors are fairly easy to fake, since they are invisible. She wants to search Anica's apartment for syringes or other things she might be using to make herself sick. Foreman agrees, and sends Cameron to do it. She will be accompanied by House. I think that's the only reason Foreman supported Cameron in this at all -- because it gave him the chance to get revenge on House for making him break into all those houses. Otherwise, a guy with a bum leg is really not the best person for these types of covert missions.

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