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Bait And Switch

Ava asks if all this talk is indicative of Augustine's desire for a blowjob, and he's like, yes please, so she slides forward on her knees and wonders if she's hitched her jaw to the wrong star -- only to throw her brandy in his face, light her Zippo, and hold it an inch away from him. And it's hard to type when I keep pumping my fists, but obviously she had this planned from the moment she ordered the brandy -- its high alcohol content would be sure to ignite. She then relieves him of his weapon and holds it an inch from his face as she removes the lighter, but Johnny begs her not to do it and does the best he can to remain in Detroit's good graces by holding his own gun on her. Ava retargets him as she wonders if he's going to shoot her, and Augustine hilariously side-eyes the two of them like he's watching a tennis match with a stiff neck. Johnny tells Ava he loves her, and he'll have to take a mop to the sarcasm from her response of "Aw, that's sweet." She departs, whereupon Augustine remarks, "I see what you like about her." Damn straight, guy. Now suck a dick.

After a quick montage of Boyd's now rather larger group moving silently through the darkened auditorium and up the stairs, the group pauses in front of the principal's office. With the door now closed, Picker tells Boyd to open it, but Boyd elects to call Raylan's name, and the two of them exchange banter laced with menace that concludes with Raylan inviting Boyd to come on in. Boyd tells Picker that what Raylan means is he'll shoot whoever comes through the door, and Picker's like, "Your point?" It's hard to say that response was unpredictable, Boyd, swimming with sharks as you are. Having few good options, Boyd elects to appeal to his "old friend," saying that they've got him outnumbered, and it's all on the line. Raylan: "Meanin' they want you to come through first?" Hee. Picker gives Boyd ten seconds to do just that, which he starts counting down, but when Raylan asks Boyd if he has any last words, Boyd thinks something's amiss -- this isn't like Raylan, and what's more, Shelby isn't in there. With Picker down to one, Raylan elects to save Boyd's life by opening the door a crack and telling the group that Boyd is right -- Shelby isn't in there, and hasn't been for some time. In this case, "some time" is probably about ten minutes, but that information is certainly need-to-know at this point. Raylan invites the group to come in and take a look, as long as they do it very slowly, and when they comply, they find Raylan and Bob seated and covering them. Picker asks who Bob is, prompting Raylan to introduce him as "the man who killed Yoo-Hoo," and I can tell you the ten-year-old me would have deemed that particular crime punishable by death. Picker gives Bob a disbelieving look, to which Raylan replies, "People underestimate Bob at their peril," and I certainly won't argue that after this episode.

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