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Bait And Switch

Augustine asks if Boyd believes in God, and Boyd simply replies that he doesn't, which is nice, given that the long version of that answer could keep us here all day and night. [Note: Walton Goggins answered the question here, though! -- Rachel] This doesn't stop Augustine, however, from talking about Abraham and Isaac and how the God of the Old Testament was "kind of a dick," and the real question is why Abraham entertained the idea of killing his own son. Boyd, forced to play along here through the ringing that's surely in his ears, says the conventional wisdom is that he was demonstrating his faith, but Augustine demurs, thinking it's because Abraham knew God was boss and as such needed to be obeyed without question. Even though this tale has even less subtlety than Limehouse's, Boyd restrains himself from commenting on same, instead merely asking what Augustine's god has told him to do, getting this answer: "Kill Drew Thompson." So, not bring him back alive, then. For a ruthless mobster, Augustine, you really have been surprisingly unclear on that point.

And despite all the references to divine authority, Boyd informs Augustine that to find Shelby, he'll need Raylan; to find Raylan, he'll need Boyd. "And if you want me, I'm still gonna need five hundred thousand dollars." In response, Augustine steps forward and cracks Boyd with an uppercut so hard that Yolo could take lessons, and as Boyd recovers not just from the impact but from the sheer surprise of what a punch Augustine packs, Augustine blithely remarks, "You're so glad you didn't ask for two million." So's a certain U.S. Army dentist, I'd imagine.

It's time for a little more Drew Thompson history, and Shelby is asking Raylan how long the license was in the wall. Raylan replies that his family moved in when he was fifteen, and Rachel dubs it "The House That Cocaine Built." True, Rachel, but it hardly sounds unique in that regard. Raylan sardonically asks if Shelby kept Waldo's ID as a trophy, but Shelby tells him it was more for practical concerns: He couldn't leave it in the plane or throw it away, as it would have been found, and Arlo said he'd burn it (I'm inferring that Shelby was too screwed up from his landing to do anything for himself for a while). Raylan chuckles at the irony, but his mood darkens when Art tells him it'll be forty-five minutes before their air transport can get there from Lexington. Raylan thinks they can't just sit there for that long waiting for Tonin's men to hit them, and then one of the Sheriff's Department guys enters and tells them they have six units on their way that can meet them at "the pass," and if all goes well they could make it to Lexington in two hours. Art and Raylan exchange an inscrutable look...

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