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Bait And Switch

...only Raylan is not in it, as we see when we cut back to Arlo's place. So the convoy is a decoy -- which isn't the biggest surprise given the episode title -- and Tim told the dude on the walkie to shut up not only to keep their plans secret but also just in case anyone familiar with Raylan's voice was listening.

Rachel reports that the helicopter just took off from Lexington, which puts it half an hour away according to Art's earlier statement, but despite the apparent time they have to play with, Raylan denies Shelby's request to change his clothes and take a shower. Raylan, I'm not saying you owe Shelby anything, but it might actually be a smart move for Shelby not to be wearing a lawman's uniform, not to mention that an overdue shower is usually as much a public service as it is anything else. Shelby's pretty sure he's going to die this day, but says that if he's not going to bathe, he'll just sit and enjoy the view, and when Raylan expresses surprise that said view even exists, Shelby disbelievingly asks how many years he lived there. Raylan says he kept his nose in a book most of that time -- "Hardy Boys, Stephen King, whatever," and thanks, Raylan, now I'm imagining Hardy Boys adventures told by Stephen King and trying not to giggle. He quotes, "There's no frigate like a book," which Shelby recalls Arlo having recited as well.

This provides a segue for him to tell Raylan that he and Arlo met in Saigon, in front of a whorehouse, in fact -- Arlo was apparently holding a Louis L'Amour book in his hand, and Raylan notes that doesn't sound like him. Shelby goes on that he started to bust Arlo's chops, whereupon Arlo told him some prankster in his unit had slipped him LSD, and he was trying to find the guy's name in the book (heh) "so he could castrate the bastard." Raylan: "That sounds like him." Hee. Shelby says he talked Arlo down -- he'd already gotten laid so didn't mind spending the time -- and Arlo told him to look him up if he ever got in a jam. So I guess, when Shelby first parachuted into Harlan, he intended to look Arlo up regardless, or even had already done so -- his broken legs were only an added incentive. Raylan expresses surprise that this is what Shelby wants to talk about, prompting Shelby to retort that Raylan can't even stand to think about Arlo for a moment. Raylan, however, thinks that all that's on Shelby's mind is figuring a means of escape; Shelby reiterates that he's done running, but Raylan does not so much believe him. He then gets a call from Art informing him of the convoy's situation, and they come to the conclusion that it's possible their cover's been blown, so the group at the house needs to leave -- now. When Raylan disconnects, he tells Rachel to contact Air Ops before yanking Shelby out of his chair...

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