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Bait And Switch

...but it's not too late for Boyd, who pleadingly tells Augustine that the police helicopter won't be landing at Arlo's because Raylan isn't there. Augustine asks how he knows, to which Boyd simply replies they dug coal together. I can't believe Boyd would think this would have any weight of meaning to a carpetbagger like Augustine, but Boyd gets the last laugh, at least metaphorically, when Picker gets the report from Yolo that neither Raylan nor Shelby are at the house. Picker does hear, though, that someone else is there...

...and at the house, we see Yolo has Bob inside. He asks if Bob's a crossing guard, and when Bob replies, with all the terrified dignity he can muster, that he's a "duly elected" town constable, Yolo relays that into the phone, then replies, "Yeah, I don't know what that is either." HA! Yolo also reports the far more pertinent information that Bob's cell-phone history shows that he called Raylan only five minutes earlier...

...while back at the bar, Augustine is like, so you were right about the helicopter -- but where is it going? Boyd still hasn't quite got it, though...

...while Tim tells Art he's sure the cars are rigged. He takes up a position as, up in the woods, Colton cautions Mort that Tim was an Army Rangers sniper, and if "you take the shot you now do not have and give away our position," Tim will have no trouble taking them both out. He may be exaggerating, but I'd rather he show Tim too much respect than too little. And speaking of shooting, Tim fires a couple rounds into one of the rigged vehicle's gas tanks, which starts to leak onto the road. I'd complain about the environment, but this is going to seem like nothing soon enough.

Back at the bar, Boyd finally has an epiphany, and asks Johnny and Ava what the most awesome thing was that happened to them in high school. It only takes Johnny about a quarter of a second to catch up, and Ava's there in a moment too: "The astronaut." Boyd explains that said astronaut that visited arrived in a helicopter that landed right on the baseball diamond, adding that the school is in a town that's "been empty ever since they consolidated." He concludes by telling Augustine that if he'll send Picker with him, they'll bring Shelby back dead or alive, and given how much I've been harping on it, you'll expect me to point out that Augustine doesn't seem to have a preference at this point. Augustine, after some thought, signs off, but Picker doesn't leave without telling Yolo to see if "uniform boy" knows anything about Raylan's group being at the high school. Obviously, this means that if you hadn't gotten your fill of people getting the shit beaten out of them, you're in luck.

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