Déjà Vu All Over Again

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Watson joins Alfredo in a parking lot. Drew comes out of a self-storage unit with Rebecca's wooden trunk. That's certainly suspicious, since he claimed Callie took it with her. But we see him put it in his SUV, and it's clearly not heavy enough to have a body in it. But it's not clear whether that's on purpose or because television shows tend not to put heavy things in the boxes their actors have to lift. Drew leaves his SUV alone to go into the manager's office, so Watson gets really excited about breaking in. Alfredo thinks it's a terrible idea, although he admits that she's good enough to get in. She pops the lock on the door and opens the back gate. The guard sees her opening the trunk. The wooden trunk, not the trunk of a car. It doesn't have a trunk. This confusion isn't my fault. Soon the manager and Drew are there, too. Alfredo has enough sense not to get involved. Drew refuses to open the trunk to prove there's no body in there. Watson presses her case and the guard asks Drew to open the trunk. The cops get there. Drew opens the trunk, and it's empty. Watson's confidence is shattered.

Watson is in jail. Holmes comes to stare at her through the glass. He has paid her bail and she will be released shortly. Alfredo has briefed Holmes on the situation, and he approves of her taking the chance. It was definitely the same wooden trunk, which I don't think we needed Holmes to verify. We had a picture of it already! So what was Drew doing with it? His new story is that he sold it to a collector shortly after Callie vanished because he needed money for his art gallery. And Watson's meddling prompted him to buy it back from the collector (who kept it in that storage unit) and give it back to Rebecca. Holmes doesn't mind Watson being wrong about the trunk having a body in it. Watson thinks if Holmes had been there, there would have been a body in there, and I'm surprised Holmes doesn't give her a lecture about the fallacy of magical thinking. Holmes wants to work the two cases together. After Watson helps him, he'll help her. He's being very generous here, since normally you wouldn't expect him to say he needs her help.

Holmes and Bell are out on the street so they can talk to the street violinist. And it's Bubbles! From The Wire! You know, the show I've already had to reference twice so far in this recap? He's called "Bark" here. Holmes and Bell are here to talk about Vivian Tully, the subway victim. Bark points out that he wasn't there when the pushing happened because he conveniently left his post right before it happened. Holmes notes that he's also a pickpocket. He says he only recognized the guy's face because it was somebody who punched him after catching him the previous week. Holmes says that pickpockets have to study people's coats. Oh! I read a great article in The New Yorker about that. Anyway, Holmes thinks that maybe Bark noticed an unusual patch on the guy's coat.

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