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Previously: Jeff Probst announced that the tribes were divided based on race, and most of the contestants thought that sounded kind of lame. They did not, however, freak out and start warring with each other or anything. This is because they are not team players at all, and CBS will not forget that when the time comes for birthday presents.

The sun comes up at Hiki on Day 4. Having received flint at the Sekou-booting tribal council, the remaining members are now attempting to make fire. Nate explains that they really need it, because they haven't been able to drink their water without boiling it first. It looks like they aren't sure how to use the flint they now have for the purpose of making a fire. On the one hand, certainly, if I hadn't been told how ahead of time, I wouldn't either. On the other hand, were I going on this show, I'd find out. I mean...the internet is just sitting there, waiting to help you destroy things using household items. If you need to know how to start fires, I think it can help you. I think a little survival-related Googling would have done a world of good here.

Sundra tells us that Hiki is now a little stressed out, because they're anxious to "represent well," and they're feeling kind of disheartened about the fire-making, or the lack thereof. It looks like the entire tribe spends quite a bit of time huddled around trying to make the fire happen, which I am sure is incredibly frustrating. What it immediately reminds me of is a stretch of probably an hour that I spent trying to figure out how to put my vacuum cleaner back together after I took it apart to change the belt. I stared, I pushed, and I concluded that the parts that I was now looking at could not possibly have ever fit together to form a vacuum cleaner. It is the most frustrated I can ever remember being in my life, and I didn't need my vacuum cleaner to keep my tongue from turning black and falling off. So I'm betting this is worse. Stephannie says she doesn't really get what they were doing wrong.

Later, Rebecca and Stephannie work on the fire together, and as Rebecca tosses sparks into some grass, Stephannie quietly says, "One's lit in there. One's lit in there." Heh. It's like she doesn't want to scare it. Don't tell the ember! It will flee! They cover over their precious spark, and they call over the rest of the tribe. And before you know it, they have the fire going. Nate, who has a wonderful and contagious laugh, is so excited that he's literally jumping up and down. He's also showing his butt crack, which has to be blurred for the protection of our delicate eyes. It's the Valley of Victory! He interviews that it was the "girls" who started the fire, and says he'd been confident the entire time that they would "step up" and be awesome, so he's not surprised. "Burn, baby, burn!" he hollers at the fire. Um. Doink. Rebecca says that it's been a great day for them, just figuring things out and working together. That actually looks to be mostly true. Good for them. They put some water on to boil. Because after I spend a hot day sweating all over some sticks and starting a roaring fire, I always relax with a cup of boiling water.

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