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Bye Bye, Billy

In an interview, Ozzy says that Billy will probably be "going behind [Ozzy's] back and trying to switch people over." Not going behind your back! When you're in the middle of trying to get rid of him! That fiend! Ozzy adds that if the tribe wants to vote him out, they can. "I know that they're going to suffer really bad if they lose me," he says. The thing about this kid is that...he's trying really hard to be kind of controlling and big-personality, and he just can't pull it off. He's cocky, but he's still dull. There's no there there; he's just talk. Billy tells us again that his best chance at survival is that Cristina might have been able to sway a vote in his favor. "All my chips are on Cristina," he says as they get in their boat to head for tribal council.

Tribal council. Oh, tribal council. Oh, this particular tribal council. They all dip their torches and get fire. Jeff wants to talk about how the first six days have been. He asks Billy whether a leader stepped up. Billy says that "Ozzy emerged as the big voice," and Ozzy squirms a little. Billy says that Ozzy is "very much an outdoorsman." Jeff asks Cristina whether she agrees that Ozzy is a leader. "I don't think that he's a leader," she says. "I think that he tries to take control of certain things because he does have experience in this area." Ooh, interesting distinction, and quite fair -- bossy people are not leaders, necessarily. Jeff asks Ozzy if he's the leader, and Ozzy says that he isn't; he just tries to share his "specific knowledge." "If I don't voice my opinion, then it's going to get done wrong," he says. Yep. Had you not been there, your entire tribe would have died. Thanks, Rupert, for building us a giant beach hole to live in. He tries to recover by saying that the tribe's "strongest thing" is that they're all able to work together as a team to get stuff done. He goes on about how they know that they're going to be stronger than anyone if they work hard. I love the fact that Ozzy can straight-facedly claim, apparently, that the "strongest thing" is teamwork when he just intentionally biffed a challenge in order to get rid of a guy. I love togetherness! Let's sing!

Jeff looks at Ozzy like he just claimed credit for inventing the cotton gin. "You think this tribe represented themselves well in the last challenge?" Jeff asks. "No," Ozzy calmly says. "The last challenge, not really." Jeff calls out Billy for egregious eye-rolling at that question. Billy says that the loss had a lot to do with him, because J.P. and Ozzy decided that he was so bad for the tribe that they'd throw the challenge and get rid of him. "J.P., you threw a challenge with only five tribe members? You're already willing to lose somebody?" Jeff asks. "At this point, yeah," J.P. says. "I don't believe in having to carry weight of somebody who I don't believe is trusting, and two, who doesn't carry the workload." Well, those randomly assembled words are pretty hard to argue with, unless I were to come up with a different combination of randomly assembled words. Jeff asks Billy if he's surprised at the bit about trust, and Billy says that he gets that it's a game. "But I fell into a classic trap," he says, "and now I'm on the chopping block." J.P. feels the need to cut Billy off, all "n-n-n-n-no," because apparently intentionally losing and booting the guy isn't enough -- you have to make sure you embarrass him. J.P. throws a thumb at Billy and says, "I hate the way he's trying to sound like he's a victim." Let's see...other people gang up...plot against you...lie to you...pretend to compete but conspire to lose...intend to lose the whole time...I'd say he's a victim of something. Namely, he's a victim of exactly what he's saying he's a victim of, which is a sandbagging. Billy tries to get back in the discussion, and J.P. says, "And you know how to say the greatest things to make yourself look so damn good." He...does? Billy does? Billy is a smooth talker now? J.P., your standards are low, dear. There is some more bickering to the effect of how Billy didn't involve himself, or else they didn't let him, and so forth. Billy finally tries to get J.P. to shut up, calling him a "bully," and J.P. just keeps repeating how Billy is "not valuable."

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