Dire Straits And Dead Weight

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Bye Bye, Billy

So now, it's time to vote. Ozzy votes. J.P. votes. "If I can't trust you now, I won't be able to trust you later on in the game," he says. Whatever, meathead. Cristina votes. Billy votes for Ozzy. "The only reason I'm voting for you is because you are the best player in the Aitutaki tribe," he says. Cecilia votes. Jeff goes off to "tally." When he returns, he reads the first vote for Billy. Then Ozzy. Then Billy. Then...Billy is toast. He goes over to Jeff and gets snuffed. When he's gone, Jeff tells the tribe that work ethic and trust both came up -- they just handled work ethic, so now it's just trust. Shouldn't be a problem, considering what a big moment that was for togetherness and honesty.

In his farewell speech, Billy says that he thinks it's cool that the metal guy got bounced by a guy named Ozzy. Heh. He also says that he thinks he would have fit in better if there had been a heavy metal tribe. And...perhaps so, sir. Perhaps so.

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