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Bye Bye, Billy

Cristina tries the tack of actually talking to Billy, explaining how she thinks it's important for everyone to be working together in the tribe. Billy claims to agree with this, although I don't think he realizes that she's waving a "you don't do any work" flag at him quite as much as she is. He tells her that he sometimes feels "on the outside," and goes on to say that in many ways, metal is his culture rather than being Latino. It's an interesting point, how people identify with cultural forces other than ethnicity, and that can be stronger in cases than their ethnic identity. On the other hand: "Metal is my culture." Hee hee. Cristina says that she thinks it's good to bring something special to the group, presumably like being from the Dominican Republic, or metal. She and Cecilia reassure Billy that they do want him to be part of the group. I think this is the part where they still think they're going to help Billy become properly socialized, not going to happen. And then they all make out. Okay, not really, but it wouldn't be any more surprising than what's coming later.

Over to you, Puka! Unsurprisingly, Cao Boi is giving Jenny a brisk face rub, curing another headache with his hands. Jenny tells us that working in the sun had given her the headache to begin with, so she went directly to Cao Boi to address it, in spite of how freaked out she got last week when Brad got that red mark. In an interview, Cao Boi says that people who know him long enough eventually get the red mark at some point or another. Heh. In an interview, Jenny tells us that while it "felt great," she asked him not to put the same mark on her that was on Brad. I love that -- "I want the cure, but don't make me look weird, if that's possible." But, as we can see, she winds up with exactly the same mark, although she has no mirror and can't see it, so she's taking people's word for it that it's there. It kind of reminds me of Dwight from The Office walking around with a card on his head that said "Dwight." Although I think that was a deleted scene, so consider this the deleted part of the recap. "At least my headache's gone," she says in a chipper voice.

That night, Puka is ready to go to sleep, and Cao Boi is still chattering, specifically about how someone or other can "change your accent and start speaking Hindu." There is some muttering among the others. One of the women, I can't tell which, tells him that he really should stop all the Asian jokes and comments and so forth. Cao Boi tells her that he does this all the time, and that it's important to be able to "laugh at yourself." It appears to be Jenny having this conversation with him, and she tells him that she just doesn't think he's being very sensitive to the situation they're in. He tells her that he, unlike the rest of them, has "no hangups." And then he says, "Like, what do you call a Vietnamese with three dogs?" And then you just hear, "Oh, God." Ha! That was pretty funny. (We also received a tip on the forums that the punch line is "A vegetarian." My name is Miss Alli, and I do not approve this message. I am just the messenger, and I want you to know as much as you can as you go out into the world. The season is supposed to be educational. This week's lesson: potentially offensive jokes that could get you beaten up in a bar.)

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