Dire Straits And Dead Weight

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Bye Bye, Billy

At Raro on Day 6, they uncover some treemail. Adam reads it out loud as Parvati looks on with a blank smile that perfectly conveys the thought, "Whaa?" I think she's impressed to learn that he can read. The treemail refers to both reward and immunity, and it says that in addition to being "bound by honor," they will be "bound by belts and ropes." Dirty! Over at Hiki, when they read the clue, Nate says that already being down a person, they need to win this challenge.

Meanwhile at Aitu, Billy is wandering in the surf aimlessly as Cristina and Ozzy have a talk about throwing the challenge, which she still really doesn't want to do. She doesn't understand "booting someone that's going to be important to us in the long run." "I think we're booting someone that's going to be detrimental to us in the short run and the long run," Ozzy argues back. I just wish that instead of arguing about "good in the long run," as if his plan had pluses and minuses, Cristina had swatted him on the side of the head and pointed out that what he's saying makes no sense. I suppose that, as stated above, if you were strapped for provisions and couldn't feed everyone, it might come closer to being sane, but otherwise, there's no reason to boot the same person at an artificial intentional loss whom you could instead boot at your first natural loss. You're literally creating exactly the scenario you're supposedly trying to avoid. J.P., whom I am starting to really, really not like, tells Cristina, "You'd better get your head in this game if you want to stay in it longer, because he'll take you out." Who will? Billy will? Billy, who can barely lift his head, has no allies, and is probably talking to the chickens right about now? He's going to destroy you? What is J.P. flapping his gums about?

J.P. bitches that it's so meaningful that Billy isn't there right at that moment for their big powwow, as if he and Ozzy haven't already made it clear to the guy that they can't stand him and don't want him around. Nothing like a couple of bullies who shun the other guy and then stand around griping about how he goes off and sits by himself like a weirdo. "I know what I'm doing," J.P. announces. Ooh, I can't stand that. At the very least, if you're going to throw a challenge, I think you need unanimity. You can't declare that you're just going to try to lose with or without everyone else's consent. Ozzy gives an interview in which he says, "We might as well cut our losses now and get on with the game." That, of course, is literally the opposite of true. There is no such thing as "cutting your losses" in this game. There's only accelerating your losses -- the same losses you're trying to "cut." Look at it this way, idiot: if you all know that he's the first boot, then he can only possibly ever cost you one immunity challenge, and then you can boot him. Why would you throw one to get rid of him? It makes no sense.

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