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The anvil of life

You know, I don't know why they didn't just title this episode "The Circle of Life" and have done with it, as we cut immediately to Claire giving birth, with the screaming and the grunting, and I'm no baby doctor or anything, but I'm pretty sure her knees need to be a little farther apart then they are right now. Or maybe this is a special knees-together technique that produces especially clean, month-old babies, which is what winds up coming out. Kate puts the baby boy into an ecstatic Claire's arms, and Jin and Charlie figure it's safe to come over. Jin's grinning like he's the dad, and Charlie's just stunned, until Jin puts out his hand for Charlie to shake, and Charlie hugs him instead, like, what these two are congratulating each other for I have no idea.

And we cut from a shot of Claire cradling her new baby to Jack cradling Boone, laying him back on the slab where he was before. Through laboured breathing, Boone starts to say, "Tell Shannon..." but can't finish the sentence before croaking. Probably wanted to remind her to feed the fish. Jack does the "palm over the forehead to close the corpse's eyes" thing, and we linger on Boone's face for a while before we go to commercial. Wouldn't put it past this show to have Boone suddenly open his eyes and be completely fine. Commercials.

Man, Jack and Sarah have just gotten married and Sarah's already fending off John Stamos!

See, I don't think Maggie Grace has the greatest range of the actors on Lost, but I don't think that's the reason for the music-only montage we get of the next morning, with the lostaways all gathered around their newest member while Jack intercepts Sayid and Shannon, returning from their night of hand-holding and card-playing, to break the bad news to Shannon; this is pretty much a J.J. Abrams staple, right down to the instrumental Fauxldplay music that's playing. And I thought Shannon did a pretty good job of slowly breaking down while kneeling by Boone's corpse. It's kind of hokey, sure, but we're not reinventing the wheel here. People can't get sucked into jet engines every week. Well, I suppose they could, but that really wouldn't be much of a show, would it?

Come to think of it, I'd probably watch that show. So, as usual, I have no point. I'm just saying that it looks to me the directorial choice here was due more to a lack of ideas than a particular actress's limitations.

Jack's alone on the beach, being Mr. Strong Blinking Away Tears, when Kate strolls up to annoy us. "Beautiful, strong, healthy baby," he says. Kate asks if he wants to talk about it. "Talk about what?" he asks, and she reminds him that Boone died, like, HE WAS THERE, KATE. Jack shakes his head. "He didn't die," he says, and gets to his feet. "He was murdered." Kate's surprised, thinking that maybe the CSI guys found something that Jack missed. Jack walks away, and Kate wants to know where he's going. "To find John Locke," he says. Man, Jack's intense about his backgammon.

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