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Robots Need Love Too. They Want to Be Loved by You.
ys, "You'll be happy to know that having something to focus on is calming the vividness of my hallucinations, and Agent My Body is a Temple gives Peter a look and he tells her he can take it from here, so she leaves and Walter is glad she's gone: "Very negative energy."

So Peter is wondering about the specificity of one shot right through the eye, and Walter says that, assuming Newton did it to incapacitate Van Horn, perhaps this is where the power source is, and Peter wants to know if they can fix it. Walter smilingly says they can try.

Out in the woods underneath a bridge somewhere, a shirtless Newton answers his phone. He's doing some repair work on himself -- he's bleeding mercury where Broyles tagged him. Anyway, Fauxlivia's on the phone to bitch him out, and Newton calmly explains that Van Horn was a liability, so he had to act quickly. Fauxlivia wants to know what Van Horn knew, and Newton is all, "He was a senior operative. He knew everything." Fauxlivia says, "Did he know about me?" because I guess she doesn't know what "everything" means, and Newton tells her not to worry, because "He's been disabled. Or as you people call it, he's dead." I guess since now that we know he's a shapeshifter, Newton's dialogue is now going to signal his shapeshifting ability as often as possible.

And then he gives her a lecture on how she needs to gain Peter's complete trust. "What makes you think that I don't already have it?" she says, And Newton says he's willing to wager that deep inside Peter's brain, he senses something is not quite right with Fauxlivia, that she's "not his Olivia," and she snaps that he needs to remember who he's talking to, and he tells her that she's in over her head, is not fully committed, and will fail. Olivia hangs up after that inspiring little pep talk.

Meanwhile, with Peter looking on, Walter is graphically and disgustingly poking around in Van Horn's eye socket and giving a little history lesson about mercury being used to flatten the fur on hat brims, but constant exposure to mercury causes brain damage, which is where we get the expression "mad as a hatter," and was the inspiration for Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter character, and Peter snidely says that it will be very handy the next time he's on Jeopardy, like how much do you want to bet that Walter by this point is deeply regretful about going to the other universe twice to rescue his disrespectful son?

Walter's not having much success reanimating the senator, so he wants the body transferred to his lab. No, not the one with the cow in it, his new lab. The Massive Dynamic Lab with the state-of-the-art equipment, he says, eyes gleaming. Then he notices Van Horn's left hand starting to twitch, and even though it seems that this is just what he's looking for, Walter thinks he's tripping again, but Peter sees it too, so Walter knows it's not the drugs. And then Fauxlivia comes in to nonchalantly check on how everything's going. "Agent Dunham, good news! It seems this tin can is still ticking," says Walter. The eyes are moving now too. And Fauxlivia really needs to brush up on what it means to be undercover, because her reaction would indicate that this is horrible news (which it is for her, but not for Olivia).

And here's Astrid hauling equipment into Massive Dynamic, identifying herself for the security guard, who checks the computer and is all, "I've got an 'Astro' Farnsworth." Hee! Astrid brightly says that's her.

Inside, Astrid takes in the shapeshifter work going on and notes that the "old" her would have been really disgusted by this. Walter asks if she got everything on the list. Astrid reaches in to the box and pulls out two things: One is a framed picture of George W. Bush, and the other is a copy of Hump magazine -- headlines: "20 Pages of Classic Celebrity Twins," "The Most Important People in Sex" and, simply, "Hooah!" It must have been awfully embarrassing for Astrid to procure that. The magazine too. Ba-dum bump. "I don't even want to know," says Astrid, and Walter's all, "Which one are you referring too?" displaying a rare awareness of the potential for embarrassment, and Astrid looks at the two items and says "both." I enjoyed this scene, partly because it reminded me that my subscription to Hump is due to expire and I should renew it.

Walter asks if she got the candy buttons. She did, and she's mystified as to what use they'll be, but Walter quickly points out that they're for himself, which she really should have seen coming.

She asks what all the (non-candy-button) stuff is for -- and her box appears to have a big yellow foam finger in it -- and Walter explains that they're going to use the items as "visual stimuli" to map Van Horn's neural pathways to its "brain." Astrid wants to know what they're hoping to find.

"Its memories, Astrid. Everything it knows. Who it was working for. If there were others," says Walter, who stops because Astrid looks shocked. "You just called me 'Astrid.' You never get my name right," she says. Walter chalks it up to the LSD, which probably isn't right, given that he's high all the time.

Over at Van Horn's office, the senator's aide gives Fauxlivia his Homeland Security briefings for the past three years, while Peter goes through the stuff on Van Horn's desk. Fauxlivia casually tells him that she can handle it if he wants to go see how Walter's doing, but Peter says Astrid would be there by now, so if they find anything out, they'll call.

She looks at an oblivious Peter for a moment, then tries a different tack: pessimism: "If he's like the other shapeshifters, he's gonna be careful. He's not gonna leave anything here that would tell us he wasn't the senator." Peter agrees, except for the fact that he didn't know today was the day he was going to die: "Unless he had someone come in here and clean up after him, there's got to be something." Well, yeah, except for the fact that the shapeshifter probably knew that at any point he could die, so he probably cleaned up after himself every day. Or he should have, at any rate.

Fauxlivia's cellphone rings, and she tells Peter that it's Rachel -- Peter says to tell Rachel he said hi -- and Fauxlivia steps to the hallway to answer the phone. It's Newton, complaining that it's customary to leave one message for a person to call you back, not thirty." Thirty? Really? I hope that's some shapeshifting hyperbole. Way to come off as desperate, Fauxlivia. She's got no time to be lectured, though, and she tells Newton that Van Horn is alive, which Newton says is "impossible." Yeah, it's a shapeshifting cyborg-thing from a parallel universe, but surviving a gunshot is "impossible." Shut up, Newton. "You underestimated them. He's on the twenty-third floor of Massive Dynamic. Dr. Bishop's working on him now," says Fauxlivia, and Newton says he'll take care of it.

In the senator's office, Peter's found a box that he pries open. "What is it?" asks Fauxlivia, and Peter holds up a picture of her. "It's you." LONG DRAMATIC PAUSE WHILE FAUXLIVIA THINKS HER COVER IS BLOWN. But then Peter pulls out files of him and Walter. "All of us. Every case we ever worked on. He knew everything."

Over in Yonkers, a family is having supper, with a kid being fussy about his asparagus, and while his mom strikes out with the seven-year-old by suggesting he pretend "the train's going into the station," his father has better luck by pointing out that the asparagus will make his pee smell funny. As the whole family has a good laugh at all the urine talk going on at the dinner table, Dad gets up to answer a knock at the door.

His smile fades instantly when he sees who it is: Newton, who has an "assignment" for him. He hands over a file and says the body's in the lab on the twenty-third floor. The dad's all, "You expect me to break into Massive Dynamic?" and Newton tells him to just shift into a body with clearance. "It shouldn't be a problem. Is it?" The family-man shapeshifter, Ray, says he's just surprised, because he hasn't seen Newton in five years. Yeah, well, that's the way it wo

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