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Bad Santa I'm glad that when we cut to Hannah handing him the coffee with a warning that it's hot, DVO is ready: "And potentially deadly." With that in mind, he puts it down and says he really needs to get to work, whereupon Hannah steps in front of him and says she can't figure out what he wants, but he obviously keeps making excuses to see her. It's kind of funny that this parallels his confusion about what she wants; most non-serial-killers would probably assume that he likes her, but these two are wired differently. She challenges him to just spit out the reason he's there, and without pause, he tells her he wants to take her out. Hannah: "On a date?" Dexter, after a moment of confusion: "That'll work." HA! I love it when this show gets its own humor right.

Hannah looks genuinely touched, but tells Dexter she doesn't date, as she gets too easily attached. Dexter notes that she doesn't seem the type, but she admits she's not who people think she is - on the inside, she's still that fifteen-year-old girl who ran away with Randall. It is not like this season is perfect, but this is the most effort they've put into actually developing a character since Trinity; since I was so hard on last season it only seems fair to appreciate the good work here. She says the difference is that now she knows better - Randall promised her was going to take her to Disney World and "Santa's Holiday Adventure" - "some Christmas-themed shithole just outside of Miami." As we all know, Disney's very litigious, so it's probably best for the show that Hannah doesn't give a pithy description of it. She asks if Dexter knows it, and when he says no, she fondly and shyly tells him it's the only place in Florida where you can see snow, and she was obsessed with the idea at that age.

She also was obsessed with the perfect life she thought they'd have in Argentina, and was convinced that Randall was the only one who could give her these things she desperately desired, "that he was gonna fill the emptiness I felt inside." It's not often you hear two serial killers discuss their existential crises. She admits that at that age, she didn't care if Randall was the bad guy, or even if he killed people. "I didn't even care if I ended up in juvie. Not until later, anyway." She adds that it was worth it to hold onto the fantasy, but when Dexter asks if she still feels that way, her face falls and she comes out of the reverie, saying now she does whatever's necessary to make sure she doesn't lose herself like that again. "But I do still wish I had gotten to see the snow." Dexter points out that he's not Randall, and isn't going to land her in jail (excuse me for a moment; HA HA HA), but though Hannah still thinks it's a bad idea, she finally acquiesces. And my take-away from this scene, as I mentioned in the recaplet, is that Hannah killed her husband and her mentor because she felt too emotionally attached to them, so Dexter really is flirting with danger here...

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