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Bad Santa

Date Number Two, and oh, Dexter has taken Hannah to Santa's Holiday Adventure! Of course, it not being the holiday season in the show's time, the place is deserted, but Hannah is giddily delighted, especially when Dexter suggests a little breaking and entering be on their agenda. Inside, they walk side by side, Dexter holding a picnic basket in one hand (LOVE the twisted detail that he's got his kill stuff in there) and Hannah sliding her hand into his other. Dexter leads her into a tent - apparently he checked the place out earlier and got it ready - and the lights come on to reveal a Christmas tableau, complete with the falling fake snow Hannah so desperately wanted to see. She's overcome with childlike wonder - again, Strahovski really is good here - and Dexter tells her he thought that if she saw it, she could finally get some peace. Of course, she may also get some peace from the drug that Dexter then injects into her neck, and it's kind of amazing that he would end her life while giving her this long-held wish. I did think it was a bit hard to believe that they'd get rid of Strahovski mid-season, but the irony made me a believer...

...and when Hannah awakens, she's taped up in the usual manner, but instead of in a nondescript kill room, Dexter has chosen to keep the snow falling, and has lain her out in this Christmas-y gazebo-like thing. Knife in hand, he tells her that killing is what keeps him up at night, what he longs for. With a sudden movement, he bends down to her and holds the knife to her throat: "This is what I need to fill my emptiness." She makes a sound, so he rips the duct tape off her mouth, whereupon she leans forward, with not fear but understanding in her eyes: "Do what you gotta do." He's momentarily stunned by this reaction to the point he actually flinches, but he then stands, holds the knife on high - but then, almost like the knife is controlling him rather than the other way around, he slices the tape binding her rather than sticking the knife into her heart. After taking a moment to recover from the shock, she sits up, the tape falling away from her naked body, breathes his name, and kisses him - and soon, his clothes are coming off and he's performing some unscheduled penetration. Tell me that's not going to leave some DNA evidence.

So in the end, Dexter did find a kindred spirit in Hannah. But given her own speech to him about what she does to people to whom she gets attached, can he ever feel safe from her? Whatever may be coming, I just love how the season continues to get more complicated for Dexter. And the scenes to come look like that pattern will continue.

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