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Bad Santa

...and then Dexter is trudging into his office, seemingly bummed about the cold shoulder Deb is yet again giving him. He then decides that the perfect way to get back in Hannah's good graces is to get rid of any forensic evidence of her having been involved in that murder, whereupon Harry (I can't get away from him), in a petulant "Young man!" tone of voice, asks if he didn't promise Deb that he wouldn't take cases away from the Department anymore, but Dexter glibly replies that Hannah has immunity, so there's nothing the police can do. Of course, the immunity only applies to crimes committed with Randall, so if she killed her husband, it would be an entirely different situation, but I'm sure you'll come clean at that point, right Dex? (Great, now I sound like Harry.)

In an orange jumpsuit, surrounded by barbed wire in the sunny prison yard, Isaak Pullo stares pensively into the middle distance with his hands clasped. Kind of a spoiler, but you probably won't be surprised to hear they're not going to stay that way. A beefy Colombian (not profiling; we'll find this out for sure soon enough) sits down opposite him, prompting Isaak Pullo mildly to rebuke him for blocking his view. Checking behind him, the guy points out to Isaak Pullo that the view to which he's so attached is of a wall, but Isaak Pullo tells him that to him, it's a blank canvas. "A projection screen for the mind." Poetic and all, Isaak Pullo, but you haven't exactly made it sound too much less boring.

The guy doing the threatening tells Isaak Pullo he knows he killed three of his guys, and menaces that he won't sound so smart when he's bleeding all over the place. Although that would liven up the blank canvas. Isaak Pullo, amused, spares a look down to see the guy has a mostly-concealed blade in his hand; with a quick move, he grabs the guy's wrist and flips it over. Dude, you never attack a guy one on one in the clink! Didn't you ever watch Oz? As the Colombian guy waves from his pretzel-like position for his goons to keep their distance, Isaak Pullo, keeping his hold firm, tells the guy he hasn't thought things through, and that a businessman weighs short-term gains against long-term consequences. And I might object that Isaak Pullo's lecture seems hypocritical when he's making his pursuit of Dexter so personal, but what he's doing to the Colombian's wrist looks really painful, so I think I'll pass.

Isaak Pullo tells the guy that he could retaliate, but then a bunch of his guys would pay them back ten times over. "We outnumber you. We outgun you. Quite frankly, we're smarter than you." Well, forgive me for saying so, Isaak Pullo, but if that's the case, you're not exactly explaining how the Colombians managed to yank the Miami heroin business from you. As Isaak Pullo finishes breaking "the guy's" wrist and the Colombian wins no acting awards for his portrayal of someone in that much pain, Isaak Pullo asks if they've come to terms. When he receives a choked affirmative, he smiles, but any mirth is dropped once he steps away and removes a cell phone from the depths of his uniform. He leaves a message for Jason Gedrick informing him that it's "urgent" that he pay him a visit, and I can just picture Jason Gedrick picking up that message while on the toilet and running out with his pants still around his ankles.

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