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Bad Santa

Back at the station, DVO lets us know that Beverly Grey's will named Hannah as her lone beneficiary, and points out that people have killed for less. His suspicions rise further when he sees that Ms. Grey's cause of death was listed as a heart attack, and although she at least was more age-appropriate, she still was only 62 and presumably was active, given her vocation. Dexter notes that women often kill with poison, as it's safe and detached, and although I'm not sure that completely fits psychologically given that Hannah's first kill involved going hog-wild with a knife, we do know she's no stranger to poison either. Just then, a guy enters the station, and Dexter recognizes him as "Sal Price," the author of the book he was reading in the opening scene. Dexter wonders if Price might be able to tell him something about Hannah he doesn't already know, but when he gets up, he sees the elevator doors close on Price. Dexter turns to Deb and asks what he was doing there, and Deb tells him that Price heard about the new bodies uncovered and wanted to get information with which to update his book, so she agreed to give him a copy of the case file. Dexter lets a "shit" escape his mouth as he realizes this means his fabricated blood report is actually going to be examined by someone who cares, but covers as he says he was just annoyed that he missed Price, as he'd love to get him to autograph his book. Deb, however, tells him that he just went down to get coffee... Dexter catches him there and gushes about how he's such a huge fan. As he takes the book to sign it, Price notes Dexter's surname and wonders if he's related to Deb? Dexter confirms that, whereupon Price asks if she's single, and the momentary WTF expression on Dexter's face is pretty understatedly funny. Dexter then brings up the blood report, saying that he might not have put too much time into it given that it was a solved crime, but Price tells him not to worry - he usually has his own guy take a look just in case. Dexter asks what he might be hoping to find, and Price shoots him an appraising look before confiding that he has this little theory that Hannah "deserves her own sequel." Upon promising to put in a good word for Price with Deb, Dexter worms one more bit of information out of him, to wit: After Hannah got out of juvie, she moved into a halfway house. Everything seemed fine for a while, but at some point she accused a counselor of sexually abusing her. The guy got off with a slap on the wrist, but a couple weeks later he dropped dead, and they found rat poison in his system. "Sound like a coincidence to you?" I think it sounds like an orgasm to Dexter, if the satisfied look on his face is any indication, and Price heads off, but not before Price shakes his hand and says he hopes he'll check out the book. DVO: "I will read your book, Mr. Price. But I won't be waiting for it to come out in hardcopy." Right. Kindle-only.

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