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Bad Santa

Upstairs, sometime later, Price comes into Deb's office laden with files and satisfaction and asks if he can buy her a drink in gratitude. Deb's mind almost explodes at the idea of going on a date, so foreign a concept has it become, and she can barely choke out a refusal. Price misinterprets her reticence as fear that he's only interested in her story, specifically her engagement to the Ice Truck Killer, and Deb sputters that she didn't even think about that, and she hopes he's not bringing it up as "some fucked-up tactic." Price asks if she's always this defensive, which I wouldn't guess would calm her down, but he is hot, in case the mention of him being Isaac on Heroes is meaningless to you. She tells him that her life is a little complicated for dating at the moment, and he accepts the defeat with equanimity, but not without leaving his card in case she changes her mind. Which, if you've watched TV before, you know she will, and good for her.

Quinn is in his car waiting when Nadia hops in; she moves to kiss him, but he claims he has garlic breath, so she opens the glove compartment in search of some gum - and finds the stash of bills, like, NICE PLACE TO KEEP THAT, JOEY. But he actually wanted her to see it, as he tells her Jason Gedrick left it for her, and he figured she knew about it. From the look on her face, though, that's clearly not the case, so Quinn explains about the arrangement he and Jason Gedrick used to have, and adds that while he's a good cop, he likes money. Nadia: "What good is money if you are dead?" Like I said in the recaplet, smart girl, and her words are like a bucket of cold water on Quinn. Although it's only fair to point out that not taking the money won't always save you, and a certain bartender with a hole in his head knows what I'm talking about.

But Quinn is apparently willing to find out, as he marches into Jason Gedrick's office, tosses the bag at him, and bounces. Jason Gedrick barely even looks at him, which I can't exactly say makes me like him any less.

Dexter breaks into Price's place and starts rooting around on his computer for Hannah information. It doesn't take him long to find his files and start copying them; while he's waiting for the files to transfer onto his flash drive, he looks at some papers and ends up snapping a photo of Beverly Grey's toxicology report. I'm not saying it would be the best TV, but it would certainly add some vérité if Dexter didn't have the easiest time operating the touch screen on his phone while wearing latex gloves. Regardless, he gets out of there without mishap.

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