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Deb is stunned not only that LaGuerta isn't letting this drop but that there may be yet another bunch of Dexter kills about which she's going to learn, but covers admirably as she compliments LaGuerta's police work and asks if she's found anything. LaGuerta points to the "Barrel Girls" - of whom you'll remember Lumen was the only survivor - and tells Deb that all five suspects, including Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller) vanished before they could build a case against them. Deb points out that there were two vigilante killers, and that would seem to be an issue, as I don't think serial killers are generally known to vary their MOs, but LaGuerta is unfazed, speculating that possibly the BHB took on an accomplice. "One of the victims who was looking for justice?" Okay, this part I admit might be a little tough to believe, but LaGuerta is highly motivated at this point. Plus, they already thought the BHB was in law enforcement; makes it all the more likely that he would go after these horrible criminals. In any case, she admits it's a reach, but still thinks it's possible. Deb tries one more time to dissuade LaGuerta, offering the opinion that Chase was too high profile to risk killing, but LaGuerta still thinks the idea is worth looking into. Deb looks a lot like Quinn did at points in that last scene, and at least no one can accuse of her having exaggerated when she told Price that her life is a little complicated at the moment for dating.

Dexter is home reviewing Price's notes and reads that Price bribed the funeral director to get access to Ms. Grey's body before she was cremated, and I hope the director didn't think it was a Kill Bill-esque situation when he agreed to it. Price lifted a blood sample (not so easy to get blood from a corpse, is it?) and had it tested for aconite - a deadly poison that causes heart attacks - that comes from a plant that just so happens to have been growing on the greenhouse property for years. He adds that it wouldn't show up on a blood screen unless the tester knew what he was looking for, and resolves to talk to Hannah's handyman, who worked there when Ms. Grey was still alive. But that conversation will have to wait, because guess who's knocking on the door! It's Hannah, with a new plant in her hands, which is presume isn't aconite, but maybe the latex gloves would be a good precaution. Dexter slams his laptop closed and then looks warily at the photo of Harrison on his desk, and I'd really like to know if Dexter still thinks he's this awesome parental influence by the end of this episode, but I can't say I blame him for putting the photo face down, since it's not generally smart policy to let possible murderers know your loved-ones status.

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