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Bad Santa

Dexter also takes care to fix his hair before opening up for Hannah and asking with some suspicion what she's doing there; she replies that he picked the wrong plant, and she's got a better one for him - one whose flowers have a distinctively blood-spatter (or splatter, if you're Jason Gedrick)-looking pattern. The fact that she selected such a design again makes me think she's live to what he did for her, but whether that's true or not, we know Dexter doesn't like to entertain his potential victims at home, so he warily asks how she found him. Hannah: "Google." Thank you, previews! But honestly, it's nice how people keep reminding Dexter that he's not the only person in the world who can track someone down. It's not like he learns anything from it, but I at least enjoy it.

After DVO notes that he should ask her to leave, he invites her in, and if Dexter had more experience with women, he might not be so freaked out by the concept of thinking with his dick. She tells him sure - in fact, she'll help him find the perfect spot for the plant, which needs to be near a window but not directly in front of it. She marches into the dimly-lit bedroom, whereupon he follows her and tells her there's not enough light, and when she points out he could open the shades, he tells her he likes the dark. Hannah: "Me too." This dance is interesting; they both clearly have an attraction to the other, and they both (as we'll learn more about in Hannah's case) have many reasons to fight it. Many solid actors have not brought their A game to this show; Yvonne Strahovski is not one of them. (Nor Ray Stevenson, if I haven't made that clear.)

DVO wonders what she wants, and Hannah stands, bathed in shadow, for a moment before flirtatiously sidling past Dexter and putting the plant on his dresser. "Now you can look at it when you wake up... and when you go to bed." Even Dexter knows this may be going somewhere, but at this moment his cell phone rings, and it's Deb, who summons him to her house so she can tell him about LaGuerta's new "theory that could royally fuck us." Dexter tries to claims he's in the middle of something, but she tells him it can't wait, so he agrees to meet her in twenty. When they disconnect, she looks at her phone like she's wondering what she might have interrupted. Deb, you said you didn't want to know at the end of last ep; having seen how this episode ends, let me just say I applaud your wisdom.

Chez Deb, she's already broken the news, but Dexter assures her that Jordan Chase and the others are long gone, and there's nothing to trace them to him. Deb, however, asks if the person with whom he was working is a loose end. Doing some quick math, Dexter denies knowledge of what she's talking about, but Deb brushes that off - she knows there were two vigilante killers, so who was helping him? Dexter assures her that he was helping the girl, not the other way around, and whatever happens, she knows she won't incriminate him. Deb, looking at him long and hard, divines that he and the girl were together, which unless my memory is failing wasn't strictly true, but they certainly had an emotional bond that transcended a simple mutually beneficial arrangement. Perhaps it's for that reason that Dexter chooses not to deny Deb's assertion that they were a couple, and she goes on that she remembers thinking at the time that whoever was behind the vigilante killings was doing it for love.

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