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Ressell Mania
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First of all, thanks to George for the recap title idea! I didn't think I would get a chance to use it since I never imagined that Li'l Russell would leave the game. And yet, here we are, on the happiest day of my life. As far as recapping this show is concerned. Anyway, despite being voted out last week, Li'l Russell is, of course, the first thing we see after the previously on segment that was also devoted to him when it wasn't kissing Rob's ass. He arrives on Redemption Island and says hello to Matt, who is kind of starstruck by him, though not exactly surprised he was voted out of his tribe. Li'l Russell bitches about how his tribe threw the challenge to vote him out. He interviews that they lied to him the whole time, even down to Francesca winning the challenge instead of "this other kid." Oh my god, Li'l Russell. There's only one person there! Learn his name, asshole! Anyway, Li'l Russell is confident that he'll be able to beat Matt, who says he was blindsided by Rob and now he's sleeping next to Li'l Russell. Li'l Russell agrees that that is kind of cool, then interviews that he's looking forward to beating Matt and everyone else in the Redemption Island challenges so he can return to the game and exact revenge on his tribemates.

Morning at Onomatopoeia. Just in case you forgot, Phillip is insane. He decides to wake up his sleeping tribe by using a rather clever Gilligan's Island-esque broom to sweep the area in front of the shelter where they were all trying to sleep. Tired and cranky, the tribe watches Phillip walk around in his pink underpants and make fun of him. Rob interviews that he doesn't understand why someone would come on this show in underwear like that "with his stuff just hanging out" and "flopping around everywhere." Really? He doesn't understand why someone would do something to get camera time? I find that hard to believe. Natalie and the blonde girl who isn't Andrea stare at Phillip in horror and disgust. Phillip refuses to put pants on as he goes on another hunt for tiny little hermit crabs. To his credit, he seems aware of the fact that his tribe is weirded out by him, saying in an interview that they "don't know how to take" him. Instead of, like, acting normal, though, he just says he's frustrated and does a bunch of weird stretches. Phillip says he's going to have to use his well-honed undercover skills to keep himself in this game. Fantastic.

Over at Camp Zapato, land of the awesome heroes, the two not-awesome not-heroes in the tribe, Stephanie and Krista, lie on the beach and sulk about how horrible their tribe is for voting out the amazing Li'l Russell. Stephanie says she and Krista are stuck with a bunch of "goobers" and not having any fun. And she was having fun with Li'l Russell? Since when was looking at armpit sores and futilely searching for immunity idols fun? Krista says they need to find an immunity idol to stay in the game. Steve's worried about the same thing, but Ralph tells him not to fret. They return to camp, leaving Krista and Stephanie on the beach, and Ralph reveals to his entire alliance that he has the immunity idol. I do not understand the logic in this, especially since if he was going to show everyone the idol, he should have done it before the Li'l Russell vote so they wouldn't have had to split the votes. I think Ralph is just so proud of himself that he "found" the idol that he can't help but not tell everyone else. Idiot. His alliance is thrilled, and Ralph says he's sure they'll want to take him even further in the game than they did before. Mike interviews that his alliance is controlling the entire tribe right now, which is easy enough when the alliance basically is the entire tribe. Mike says the good thing about having the idol is they'll somehow be able to use it to their advantage against Li'l Russell if he returns to the game.

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