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Ressell Mania

At Camp Onomatopoeia, meanwhile, Rob celebrates the nice weather and lack of Phillip and Kristina around camp by setting up fun game for his allies to play on the beach, far away from where he suspects the idol is hidden. This is important, because Rob is planning on sneaking away and looking for the idol while his tribemates frolic obliviously. He starts dropping hints as his tribemates prepare for their fun day, saying his stomach is bothering him and he's feeling constipated. As soon as he and his crew set a bunch of chairs and blankets down on the beach, Rob excuses himself, saying he has to take a shit. They believe him, and as soon as he's out of their sight, he sprints to the other side of camp and searches everywhere for the idol. He somehow knows the idol will be in or around a tree even though the clue never indicated that (he also knows which side of the camp the idol is hidden, and the clue never said anything about that, either. Hmmm), but after fifteen minutes with his tribemates no doubt starting to wonder where he is, he still hasn't found it. But then! He just happens to spot a small package sitting in tree, right there out in the open. Ugh. They aren't even trying anymore. At least stick the idol in a hole in a tree and make it look like you don't want people to randomly come across it. Rob is, of course, very pleased with himself and says he seems to have learned something since the last time he played. He has, which is why he's still in this game and Li'l Russell, who refuses to change his game or learn anything from anyone, is not. Rob returns to the beach and enjoys himself with his clueless allies.

The only people happier than Rob are six members of Zapato, now that they know Li'l Russell is gone for good. Sarita tells them everything that happened, saying that Li'l Russell was "crying so hysterically" when he lost, but recovered and told the other tribe about everything that's been going on in their camp. Steve doesn't really care. "See ya, punk!" he says, as Krista and Stephanie get all sad. "Stop. Now you're gloating too much," Stephanie says, which tips David off that both girls are still on Li'l Russell's side even after he's out of this game. Stephanie doesn't make things any better by saying to Mike that people in this game do stupid things like throw challenges. Mike, of course, doesn't think that's stupid since their tribe is "much stronger" for it and Li'l Russell was destroying their synergy. Krista says numbers are more important than synergy. Mike believes the opposite. I think they're going to have to agree to disagree until Krista and Stephanie are voted out or the tribes are switched up.

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