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Ressell Mania

On their way back to camp, Phillip tells Kristina his master plan for how and what information they will reveal to their tribemates about what went down at the arena. He wants to use the information about who has the idol to get a promise from Rob not to vote Kristina out next. Phillips explains his logic here, saying he doesn't trust Rob one hundred percent when he says he and Phillip have an alliance, especially since Matt thought he had an alliance with Rob, too. Since Phillip is self-aware enough to know that he's the odd man out in his alliance, he figures that it's good for him to keep Kristina, the odd man out of the entire tribe, around as long as possible. Kristina, meanwhile, is awesome. "You have experience in these covert matters, Phil, so, whatever you think," she says, managing not to laugh in his face. She interviews that Phillip is basically going to try to blackmail Rob into keeping her around, and she doesn't think that will go very well for him. Which could keep her around through another Tribal Council, so she's all for it.

The two finally return to camp and tell the group about Li'l Russell's defeat and tears. Phillip then takes a walk with Rob and Grant and says there was more to the story that he didn't reveal. He knows, through Li'l Russell, who the leader of the other tribe's majority alliance is, who has the idol, and who is in which alliance. Phillip says he'll reveal all to Rob if he agrees not to vote Kristina out. Rob doesn't understand why Phillip is trying to help Kristina out when he's supposed to be in an alliance with Rob. Oops. Indeed, Rob is not pleased with Phillip in an interview, saying that Phillip is supposed to work for him, not tell him who to grant favors to. "Big mistake, Phil," Rob says. To Phillip's face, though, he agrees to Phillip's terms and Phillip tells him that "the tall girl," or, as Grant calls her, "the tall black hat" is in charge of the majority alliance at Zapato, and Ralph has the idol. Rob interviews that Phillip obviously doesn't feel secure in his alliance with Rob if he's trying to help Kristina out, and that makes Phillip dangerous. Grant parrots Rob's words in his own interview, saying they now know they cannot trust Phillip and will need to vote him out soon. So, yeah. That went about as well as Kristina thought it would.

Krista and Stephanie read the challenge treemail to the rest of their tribe. It alludes to them having to build something, which Steve says is good news for Zapato, since Ralph is, apparently, a "master builder." As they load up and go, Julie tells us that it's very important for their tribe to win today after throwing the last challenge.

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