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Ressell Mania

Ashley isn't so sure, though. She'd rather Phillip leave their camp tonight, saying he's stressful to have around and a "ticking timebomb." Very good point. She'd rather vote him out than Kristina. Grant interviews that Phillip is a "loose cannon" and can't be trusted. He tries to convince Rob of this, but Rob says Kristina knows how to play this game better than Phillip does. Grant thinks they'll still be able to "deal" with her if they vote Phillip out first, but Rob says she's smart and therefore dangerous enough that they should get rid of her at the first possible opportunity.

Rob interviews that his alliance hates Phillip so much that someone may very well change her vote to Phillip instead of Kristina and vote him out first. I'm torn because I don't know who to root for: Kristina is awesome and I want her to stay in this game as long as possible, but Phillip is crazy and so I also want him to stay in this game as long as possible. Why must Rob eliminate all the best contestants so soon? What a dick. Rob says if his minions do not vote as instructed, then he'll know he isn't in total control of them like he thought. Phillip decides to play this game finally and asks Rob and his sidekick Grant who to vote for tonight. Rob says they're voting for Kristina. Phillip says okay, but interviews that Rob lied to him when he said he'd help Kristina out in exchange for that Redemption Island info. Thus, Phillip concludes, he can no longer trust Rob and will have to make some moves at Tribal Council. It would have been nice if he'd made some moves, like, before Tribal Council when it really mattered, but better late than never, I guess.

Onomatopoeia arrive at Tribal Council. Probst opens with Kristina, asking her if she's nervous about being voted out after just barely escaping her last two Tribals. Kristina says she is, and that she began this game on the wrong foot and will have to fight to stay in this game as long as possible. Probst asks Natalie for her opinion on anything, which is a mistake. Natalie says she's willing to give Kristina a second chance ... maybe. Grant agrees, saying as long as you're laid back and easy to get along with, you should get a second chance. Rob doesn't like where this is going at all, so he says Kristina only really "joined" their tribe in the last three days, and maybe it's too late. Probst asks Kristina what she thinks her tribe should do, like she's going to say they should totally vote her out. Please. Of course, she thinks the "weakest link" should go, and that might be the most disruptive person. Probst wants names, of course, and Kristina readily says Phillip's, calling him assertive and saying he makes people uncomfortable sometimes.

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