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Ressell Mania

Phillip is fuming, so Probst gives him a chance to speak. Phillip says he is nothing like how Kristina described him. He's a "doer" and only "disruptive" to people who do nothing around camp but expect to be fed and provided for by the others who work hard. Probst figures Phillip is talking about Kristina, who says she does as much around camp as Phillip does. Phillip, of course, disagrees. He says only in the last three days has Kristina stepped up. Probst asks if it's between Phillip and Kristina tonight, then, and Phillip says his tribe knows who he is and what he's about. And then he starts talking about "the Sheppard Stamp" and having eleven siblings and a dead mother, joining the Army and receiving the second highest peacetime medal. Meanwhile, the rest of his tribe is so bored. Kristina's eyes have rolled right out of her skull. Probst enjoys himself for the first time since his beloved Li'l Russell left the game. Phillip continues that his job in the Army was in sanitation, and Rob and Grant start laughing quietly. Phillip concludes that all of this, which has nothing to do with anything that has happened in this actual game, is why he should have the respect of his tribemates and stay longer than Kristina.

Probst asks Kristina for a rebuttal. If I were her, I'd just be like, "Phillip is crazy and he's going to stab you all with his spear tonight if you don't get rid of him. Don't let the last thing you see before you die be those giant pink panties of his. Come on now." But she's more diplomatic than that, saying she's a valuable member of this tribe and wants the opportunity to prove to them that she's smart and trustworthy. Probst sends them off to vote.

Phillip votes for Kristina, canny enough despite his insanity to realize that a vote for her is his only chance to stay in the game. Kristina votes for Phillip, calling him a pain in the neck and hoping he leaves instead of her. I'm still so torn! Probst returns with the urn as it begins to rain and lightning dramatically. There are three votes for Phillip and three for Kristina. When the final vote is read, Kristina is revealed to be leaving us tonight. Boooo! She was too smart and sane for her own good. She heads out to Redemption Island. Her former tribe is stuck with Phillip.

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