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Let's Get It Awwwwn

Syd's already got a good kisser in her shed, however, so she's not having any of it. She sort of gently doesn't respond to his lips, and he winds up kind of stumbling away from her, apologizing, his shirt all disheveled and adorable. She's about to say, "S'okay. I would have liked it if I hadn't recently made out with a hot French guy," but the entrance of a couple of CIA dudes prevents her from doing so. They're all, Good Ethan? Yeah, put your hands behind your back, dude. Game over. Good Ethan's not fond of this plan, so he engages in some ass-kicking of his own that's really rather impressive, and winds up with both agents on the floor and one of their guns in his hand.

Syd's all, Good Ethan! Calm down! You can kiss me again if that's what you want! Good Ethan's all, get out, Syd! Go! Just go! God, he's cute. Have I said that already? Syd starts to walk behind him and then drops him with a kick to the backs of his knees. The CIA dudes are up and at 'em. Good Ethan's struggling, and Syd's trying to get him to calm the fuck down. She's also trying to get the CIA dudes to calm the fuck down, but they're too hopped up on the idea of kicking Good Ethan's ass to pay attention. They haul Good Ethan off into federal custody without telling Syd why, and she just stands there looking confused.

Wendy Kroy: I'm confused too.
Regina: About what?
Wendy Kroy: About where in the HELL is Bradley Cooper this episode? And David Anders? And, while we're on the subject, my heroine, Lena Olin?
Regina: Dude. This episode is all about the Spy Sex, okay? Bradley will be back next week.
Wendy Kroy: Well, he better be. Daddy doesn't do well if he ain't fed a weekly dose of Will.
Regina: Okay. There are SO many things wrong with what you just said that I can't really talk to you for a few minutes.
Wendy Kroy: What? Now that you're all Owen-ized, you can't talk about Daddy's fixation on the Willage?
Regina: Seriously, dude. Don't talk to me.
Wendy Kroy: WHAT?
Regina: Do you WANT to spend the rest of the episode hanging from my windowsill? Right. That's what I thought. Shut UP.

Oops Center. Syd races in, obviously having never heard of a little device known as a "cell phone," and demands to know what in the HELL is going on. With an absolutely straight face, Spy Daddy starts spewing some shit about how Project Helix is actually some next-gen molecular gene therapy and involves a procedure whereby a patient's face and body are reshaped to identically resemble someone else. And Good Ethan was the first guinea pig. Whuh? The hell? Gene-splicing? Cloning? Hey, J.J. Chris Carter called. He wants his story arc back.

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