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Let's Get It Awwwwn

We see a live shot of Olivia D'Overbite on the screen. And here's the point where everyone in the group reacts totally differently to this situation. Syd's all, oh my God, as if she's horrified by the situation but has no personal involvement; Agent Sean's all, that's Agent D'Overbite, as if he's just reporting the traffic; Blondie's all, you guys KNOW her, as if she herself doesn't, even though she acts like it a bit later; and Vaughn's all, she's one of ours, as if Agent Sean's comment of "That's Agent D'Overbite" weren't crystal clear enough for all of us out here in our CAVES WITH NO CABLE RECEPTION.

Back in Berlin, the head of the polizei gets out of his car and checks his pocket mirror to make sure that he does, indeed, still resemble David Cronenberg. Switching back to Oops Center, someone verifies that Agent D'Overbite is tightly wrapped in a nice little sheath of C-4. Spy Daddy spits out that if the C-4's wired with a remote trigger, any radio communication could make her go BOOM! Then we get a close-up of a remote trigger in someone's hand. And just in case we didn't get the whole "remote trigger" idea, we see a finger push a button, a high-pitched whine sounds, and then we see Bad Ethan talking to Agent D'Overbite via a payphone, telling her that she's doin' fine. Note to Bad Ethan: being Saran-Wrapped in C-4 does NOT equal "fine."

Agent D'Overbite is sobbing, her chin crumbling. Blah blah blah over in Oops Center. Really. What? You want me to recap all this shit? She blows up, okay? SHE BLOWS UP. And all this little lead-in scene really does is show us that Syd can speak yet another language with a really bad accent. Olivia D'Abo does a great job in this scene; she looks terrified and sad and pathetic all at the same time. But, dudes? Who gives a shit? I don't. Bad Ethan is an evil, evil man. Olivia D'Overbite is a dead, dead woman. Moving on.

German police. Radios. Matching Vaughn and Spy Daddy pursed lips. Syd speaking German. Olivia D'Overbite singing a truly creepy rendition of "Pop Goes The Weasel." All of Oops Center watching in spooky silence. David Cronenberg looking confused and somewhat turned on by the sight of a hot chick shoved into a bag of explosives singing a childish tune. But he's David Cronenberg, so we expect that of him. Crash, anyone? Dead Ringers? Hello?

More creepy singing, with a terrified pause before the "pop!" as if that's when the bomb's supposed to go off. More David Cronenberg. More panicked Syd. More pursing from Papa Syd and Mr. Syd. Blondie watching from a distance. Head polizei guy yammering at Syd about radio silence. One more final "pop!" from Agent D'Overbite, and -- yeah, you guessed it. BOOM!

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