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Rorschach the Hell Up!

Daniel's tearing his room apart looking for his phone when Tyler shows up. He had a wild night so he drones on about it then casually asks Daniel if he met up with Emanda. Daniel explains the situation about Jack, which gets a, "What a bitch," out of Tyler. He claims to have seen this coming a mile away and heads over to his bag to pull out a new bottle of tequila. Daniel looks at it like its garlic and he's a vampire, so Tyler gives a speech about Daniel not being an alcoholic. He pours two glasses and Daniel caves.

Conrad shows up at Lydia's expensive San Francisco loft apartment she is renting with his money. He's there to ask if she heard anything about what happened with Kingsly. He admits it's hard for him not to be suspicious of her after she demanded money from him. He also explains Victoria's current warpath. Conrad tells Lydia he can't blame her for showing her claws in response to Victoria's ousting her from the Hamptons -- only he says it in the sexiest way Conrad can, which is not even as sexy as the first part of this sentence. It seems to work on Lydia, but she's easy.

Back at mother-daughter tea, Dr. Banks is now at the podium. She thanks Victoria for her generous contributions over the years and introduces her video presentation. It's the typical reassuring type of charity promotion until it's suddenly interrupted by an infomercial for a website called in the type of style you would see for a Girls Gone Wild video. One of Dr. Banks' recorded private sessions plays out in front of everyone -- a mother admitting she drove her kids to summer camp drunk and on pain killers. The video moves on to another patient -- a woman who wonders aloud how she can admit to her husband she slept with his sister. Um... by yelling, "Happy birthday!" afterwards? The women all gasp, Nolan laughs with glee behind everyone (while holding a gift basket) and the offending woman gets up from her table to leave, covering her face in shame. Queen Victoria, always in control, has the wherewithal to stand up and order Ashley to stop the video. The next patient is Emanda, naturally included to dispel the possibility she did this. Her admission in the video is pretty lame -- just a fear of intimacy. She still hides her face at her table in embarrassment to play the part. Ashley scrambles in the A/V tent as Victoria's face flashes on the screen. In this recorded session, Dr. Banks asks Victoria about her relationship with her daughter. "[It's] tense. Distant. The truth is I've never really felt close to Charlotte. Sometimes I wonder if having a second child was a mistake." Charlotte slowly stands up with a deer in headlights look on her face. Ashley desperately unplugs cords from the back of the DVD player, but it's too late. The damage has been done. Charlotte is utterly crushed. Victoria tries to intercept her, but Charlotte is done. She says she's through playing dress up for her mom and it's now two of them who wish she'd never been born. She runs off. Victoria immediately turns to Michelle with flames and smoke streaming from her nostrils. The doctor stammers and is in full backpedal about her recording of private sessions. Victoria: "I am going to destroy you. I am going to ruin you." Michelle runs off in tears. Victoria turns and gives the crowd a look -- A LOOK -- and stomps off. Emanda holds back her smile. I hold back tears. That was so beautiful.

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