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Rorschach the Hell Up!


Grayson Manor. Victoria's still stomping around. She's on the phone leaving a threatening voicemail for Michelle, demanding that all videos of Victoria's sessions be gathered and brought to her. Frank snatches the phone out of Victoria's hand from off frame and walks into the shot (best entrance ever). He wisely advises Victoria it's not in her best interest to leave threats by voicemail. That doesn't make any sense to Victoria. She argues that Michelle knows way too much. Frank thinks for a moment and then says, "OK, Victoria. Don't go anywhere. Don't speak to anyone. I'll be back in an hour." Holy shit. I want a Frank! FLASHBACK: Victoria sits in a young Dr. Michelle Banks' hospital office and recommends Little Amanda be institutionalized after the arrest of her father. Dr. Banks has a glimmer of idealism in her eyes and says she'll make that determination. Victoria gets up to leave and stops. She turns to offer Michelle a private practice with rich clients if Amanda is institutionalized and separated from her father forever. /FLASHBACK.

Jack comes back to Poor Porter Bar to find Dec checking out a guy's motorcycle and talking about its price. Jack apologizes to the guy and grabs Dec to take him inside. First of all, Dec's not 18 and can't drive a motorcycle legally. Second, he tells Dec his decision to not sell the bar yet. Dec can't believe Jack didn't include him in making the decision and storms off. No time for that, though, because Jack's day is about to get a lot more annoying. Daniel and Tyler walk into the bar already tipsy. Dan walks up to Jack and asks if he's Emanda's friend. Jack's a little confused and asks if Daniel's looking for Emanda. Daniel smiles and responds, "Just looking for a good time, Jack." Tyler grabs him and they head to the bar counter.

Emanda comes home to find Nolan waiting for her on the front porch. He slow claps. This isn't sarcastic slow clap. This is genuine admiration slow clap. He breaks down the genius of Emanda's and she's like, "Yeah, whatever. Thanks." Nolan mirrored the website and posted some clones of the content to "make sure it never dies." That's the geek equivalent of never washing the hand your crush once touched. Emanda asks Nolan to leave because Victoria is always watching. Before he goes, he mentions he researched Dr. Banks and found out she was a child psychologist. "Coincidence?" he asks. Emanda assures him there is nothing random. Nolan tries to leave Emanda with an attempt at consolation by reminding her Dr. Banks will probably never practice again. Emanda: "Count on it." She closes her front door on Nolan.

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