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I realize I am way too annoyed by these people this week. I guess this was the week I realized that this is the year you learn what would happen if people actually played the game intelligently rather than switching alliances and taking out personal grudges and stuff. This year, both tribes formed bare-majority alliances, which have stayed together and are slowly plucking the excess people off one by one. For the most part, nothing has changed, no one has changed strategy, no one has allowed any personal problems to cloud his or her judgment...and it's the right way to play. All of the majority-alliance people are playing exactly the right way to get to the merge, and in all likelihood, once they merge, whichever of those alliances has more people will just pluck off the other alliance one person at a time. I mean, after this episode, there are twelve people left, and you're literally not going to see anything interesting until it gets down to about five. I don't know what the answer is in future seasons, but I'm not sure the problem this season is anything more complicated than the fact that, after nine seasons, people have finally figured out how to play, and we've essentially returned to a very elemental version of the game: form alliance, keep alliance, pay no attention to anything that happens, vote according to alliance. And the major opportunity to disrupt it was missed because of the stupid way they mixed the teams. So you can pick on the casting or whatever, but I'm not sure anymore that it's anybody's fault that the show is so boring. I guess you could argue that the people on the outside of the alliances aren't doing very much to change their fates, but could they, really? Anyway. So I'm reduced to being irritated by hypocrisy, not that I'm not usually.

Jeff asks Ami whether she feels at all troubled over ditching the two guys when there's really no reason to, other than that they were the two guys who wound up on the team with a bunch of women. Ami says basically that she feels slightly bad, but more than that, she's just happy she has them to throw overboard so that they don't have to vote for Twila or Julie. Ah, yes, the incredibly valuable and compelling...Twila and Julie. Jeff asks Bubba why the women should keep him, and he tells them that he almost drowned as a child and never goes in the water, so the fact that he was out paddling the boat should count for something. He says he's a team player, but cops to "a mistake," which he shouldn't have done, because he didn't even make a mistake. Jeff asks why Rory thinks he should be kept, and Rory implies that he doesn't like the men anyway, so he's got no reason to have divided loyalties. I mean, he's more subtle about it, but that's the unquestionable subtext, I think. He also insists that if he can't break into the sisterhood, he's man enough to take it. Well, thanks for that. Scout says that when she initially split the teams, there were three guy she wanted to play with, and these were two of them. I'm wondering whom the other one was. Sarge? Chad? Curious comment, Scout. Anyway, she says the thing about the fat lady singing, and I'm not sure what that means under the circumstances, but there you have it. She should know that there are not now, and have never been, any fat ladies on Survivor.

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