Earthquakes And Shake Ups!

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I Feel The Earth Move...Zzzzz...

Over at Yasur, the women also gather that the guy wants them to pick a chief. Ami and Lisa speak up for Scout, and no one else objects, so the staff goes to her. She does not take her pants off. Ami explains in an interview that Scout is the oldest and "the wisest" (look who remained fully-clothed, eh?), so choosing her as the chief was a no-brainer. (Fortunately.) The canoe guys leave. "Have a good day, thank you!" Scout calls. At least they don't sing. Leann interviews that they suspect the tribes may get shuffled in some way, but that they have to wait and see.

And then, after Leann makes this comment in her interview and moves on to her blank, question-awaiting stare, there is a deep rumbling. Her eyes widen and her mouth drops, like, "What's that?" She looks nervously amused, and then the ground starts to shake, and she grabs for the log she's sitting on. "Holy shit," she says. The camera loses her and goes up to the trees. And, of course, shakes. Birds scatter.

At Lopevi, Bubba stops and looks around nervously. "Whoa, feel that earthquake?" he says as we see chaotic-looking earthquake footage.

"Oh my God. Oh my God," says an out-of-focus Eliza to an out-of-focus Julie. Will they all die? Boy, that would confuse the spoiler people. "Our information is that...everyone is voted off. We don't really know what to make of this."

When we return, we find that the earthquake has apparently caused the island to be rife with volcanoes. And the birds are really freaked out about the earthquake. The only person who appears amused rather than wigged is Chad. Once the shaking stops, Lisa says that the shaking "scared the daylights out of [her]." "We don't have those in Colorado," Ami agrees. Lisa swears that she "felt the ground opening." Well...probably not. But, okay.

At Lopevi, Sarge chuckles that he's heard of earthquakes, but that he didn't think they would feel like the earth quaking. Well...ask a silly question, get a silly answer, I suppose.

"Ah luuved it," Twila says. Hee. (Booming Voice of God: "Sacrifice someone wooorthy in the volcaaaano to saaaave yourseeelves." Voice of tribes: "Uh...." BVOG: "Don't worry, I'm grading on a cuuuuuuurve.")

Volcano! The tribes make their way to a challenge, where Jeff -- who has undoubtedly survived the volcano by taking shelter under his ego -- opens by asking them about the earthquake, and both teams chuckle. He takes an interest in the fact that it was Bubba's first earthquake ever. Like the kid from California who just saw snow for the first time ("It's melty!"), Bubba has made some pedestrian observations to go along with his undue fascination with the phenomenon. For instance, he was interested in the fact that he could hear the earthquake before he actually felt it. "I was excited," he says. Behind him, I can't help noticing that Sarge has extremely white teeth. I would think you could easily pick him out if he were sneaking through the jungle on secret maneuvers. Jeff asks the women what they were doing when the earthquake hit, and Lisa says that she was in the middle of chopping some food, and she repeats her conviction that she believed the earth was going to split open and swallow her. Sadly, I suspect that was never in the cards. Jeff tells them that now he's finally going to explain how they are going to use the chiefs that they have just picked. He calls Sarge and Scout over onto a separate mat. And then, fatefully, he tells the rest of them to drop their buffs. He tells Sarge and Scout that one of them will divide the two tribes into two new tribes, mixing the men and women. Because there is one extra woman, according to Jeff, she won't be picked, and they will deal with her later. The other chief from the one who divides the teams will then decide which tribe to take back to camp. Whichever tribe Scout chooses will remain Yasur and whichever tribe Sarge chooses will remain Lopevi. Scout and Sarge play rock-paper-scissors to decide who will divide and who will choose. Sarge wins, and he chooses to allow Scout to divide and himself to choose.

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