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I Feel The Earth Move...Zzzzz...

Sidebar: It's interesting how, particularly in light of the fact that this allegedly took ten minutes in real time, obviously, some of these folks dropped out fairly early, probably because of the pressure. The order for Lopevi was Twila, Chad, Julie, Sarge, Chris, John, John, Julie, Chris, John, Chris. Not only did Twila never go out again and Sarge drop out, but Chad never got another marker after his first one. Of their last seven markers, Chris and John got six of them. Even more strikingly, the Yasur order was Scout, Leann, Rory, Eliza, Ami, Rory, Ami, Rory, Ami. Of their last seven markers, Rory and Ami got six of them. So it appears that people like Scout and Leann and Eliza also realized, either by trying or just by guessing, that they weren't going to want to go anymore. But anyway.

Chris and his ponytail make a great show of bringing up the last marker -- who can blame him, when he's got a fair amount of redeeming to do? -- and Ami is not able to produce hers as time expires. Thus does Lopevi manage to snag the Pringles and beer and the waterfall trip. Jeff congratulates them and sends them off on their trip together. A dejected Yasur returns to camp.

A Pringles commercial masquerading as a segment of Survivor ensues in which the Lopevi tribe arrives at the waterfall and debates which type of tasty Pringles is their favorite. As if ANYONE cares about the Pringles when there's beer to be had. "This tastes like gold," Sarge says obligingly, holding up a Pringle for the camera. They drink beer, they eat's like a big salt and alcohol lick, which I suppose is an inherently good idea, even if the salt delivery method is not the one I would have chosen. Sarge says everyone seems happy now that they "got rid of some people." He is really, really, really beginning to irritate me. Well, not "beginning to," I guess.

And now, Twila and Chris bond as they discuss -- her with her mouth full of half-chewed Pringles, not that Pringles aren't essentially half-chewed as they come out of the can -- their lives working on road construction. She says in an interview that she fits in better with the Lopevi guys than she did with the women, with whom she could not "kick." She and Chris discuss maxing out on overtime and other gory wage and hour details. It's like...I want to find it heartwarming, but they're so dumb. Not because they both work on road construction, just...because they're so dumb. Chris and Julie go off and stare at the waterfall, as she tells us that she's "buzzed up," but assures us that it's from the change of tribes, and not from the beer. Yeah. Stick to that story, dear; I've been there, believe me. Everyone plays in the water as Julie acknowledges that she and Twila are kind of stuck together in this dance of trying not to position themselves so they won't just be picked off by the men. Lopevi frolics under the waterfall some more, and John tells us that he, too, was very happy about the switch, because his odds in his old tribe sucked, and he thinks they've improved markedly. He also thinks the new Lopevi have an advantage compared to the other tribe, do I. I'm not really feeling too nervous about Lisa the immunity monster.

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