Earthquakes And Shake Ups!

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I Feel The Earth Move...Zzzzz...

ANYWAY. "We're definitely still five women strong," Ami says. You'll want to keep that in mind.

The teams show up at the immunity challenge, and as they step onto their mats, Bubba says, in a low but not whispering voice, "Chris, think about the merge." Wow, sneaky, with the out-loud talking! Jeff tells them that they will race into the jungle and untie pieces that will make up an outrigger canoe. When they have all the pieces, they'll paddle the boat out to a marker and paddle it back. They'll have to hit their tribe flag with the boat, and then they'll be done. Loser to tribal council to send somebody home. Yasur still has an extra member, so they'll be sitting out Scout.

"Survivors ready...go!" Ami and Bubba run for Yasur, and Sarge and Twila for Lopevi. They both get their frames back at roughly the same time, and Julie and Chad head out with a slight lead over Leann and Eliza. Julie and Chad finish the paddles still with a small lead. John and Chris go, and then Rory and Lisa. For whatever reason, Rory starts in trying to untie knots with his teeth, which I'm almost sure makes them worse and not better (the knots, not his teeth -- although probably, actually, both), and he starts to lose time. John and Chris head back with a significant lead over Yasur. Whatever the trick was to untying those particular knots, Rory just didn't quite figure it out, so it takes him forever. Lopevi is already partway through assembling its canoe when Rory and Lisa bring the outrigger back. Lopevi ties its canoe together, an Yasur seems to make up a little bit of time on the assembly. Still, Lopevi pushes off John and Chad to paddle well ahead of Yasur. What's more, when Yasur finally pushes off the paddling Bubba and Ami, they push them in the wrong direction, so that the first thing they have to do is turn around. Ami appears to advocate paddling the entire course backwards, but instead, they make the far better decision to turn around. John and Chad bicker a little over the paddling, but it's nothing compared to the problems Bubba and Ami are having. Lopevi gets its flag. Chad and John get off-course as they head for the finish flag, but they do manage to get back and bump the flag, still well ahead of Yasur. An excited Lopevi wins its second challenge in a row. Jeff gives them the immunity Pointy Stick, and then turns to Yasur for a highly unusual speech: "Not sure what went on out there. Rory, you lost a lot of time on the knots...some of the worst paddling I've ever seen...somebody's going to pay for it tonight. See you at tribal council." Not that Jeff would stick his hosterrific nose into the voting process. Sheesh. It's not that there's any such thing as the ethics of being Jeff Probst, but if there were, that would violate whatever fictional code you care to imagine. He sends the teams back to camp.

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