East Meets West

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East Meets West

We cut to Treat and Nina, having a real live restaurant dinner. Nina is telling Treat about the meeting she had with her lawyer. She says that she isn't sure she even wants to file for divorce yet, that everything is just so confusing right now. Treat says he would have gone with her if she had told him. Nina says she's not sure if this is the right thing. Treat assures her that it is, and that he'll be there for her. He says he wants a full report from her the next day, after she sees her lawyer again. He tells her to stop by his office afterwards and tell him ALL about it. Nina agrees, still unconvinced. They're still talking when they hear a glass break at the bar. It's...Colin's dad! He's, like, totally wasted! The bartender refuses to serve him any more booze! Treat rushes over to make everything better. He offers to drive Daddy Hart home, leaving Nina to eat alone. Nice one, Treat. Daddy Hart is about the fakest-acting drunk I've ever seen. I guess I'll just have to have a cocktail to show him what drunk REALLY looks like. That'll show 'im!

After the commercial, we come back to the high school. Bright goes to sit down with Ephram. Tommy Hilfiger immediately motions to Bright to sit with their table. Ephram says, "Your home planet's beckoning." Bright's all, "Those asscracks. Whatever, I hate them." Turns out he's just mad that Tommy asked Amy out, and he wants Ephram to ask her out instead, so she won't have to go out with his asshole friends. Ephram says Amy doesn't want to go out with him. Bright says that Amy only has to want to go out with Ephram more than she wants to go out with "Wolzak," and that shouldn't be hard. Ephram ain't doing it.

Treat and Mommy Hart. Nobody cares, but Mommy Hart says that Daddy Hart used to have a drinking problem, but it got better; then after Colin died he started drinking again. AA doesn't work for him, Mommy Hart doesn't know what to do, blah blah. Treat says he wishes he could help. Mommy Hart is oddly a much more sympathetic character now than she ever was when Colin was alive. Still, I can't bring myself to give a shit that her husband is a big old lush.

Abbott Office. Hee! Patch is wearing a bright orange sweater over his shirt and tie. Must be left over from his Princeton wardrobe. He's working on his speech, and can't get anything right. He exasperatedly calls Louise for his coffee. Louise walks in, all got up in a purple Chinese shirt that she totally got from World Market. She tells Patch that Rinda says it brings out the color of her eyes. Patch tells her to get rid of it, and dress "more like a nurse, and less like a concubine." He takes a sip of his coffee and chokes on it. He spits it all over himself, and asks Louise if she's trying to poison him. Probably. Louise placidly tells him that it's yerba mate, and that Rinda says it's healthier than coffee. Shut up, Louise, and shut up, Rinda. Patch says he'd rather drink burnt sweat, and he wants his coffee, now, black. He also tells her to tell Rinda to turn down the stupid music. Louise: "I'm afraid I can't get involved in your sibling issues, Dr. Abbott. It might be bad for my chi?" Heh. Patch wants to kill. He gets up to kick some Asian ass.

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