East Meets West

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East Meets West

Brown House. Madison hears Ephram walk in, and delivers the only line I like of her entire ouevre, which is, "Ephram! Come here, you big teddy bear." Hee. Ephram can't believe this is happening. Also, Madison, pull down your shirt. This isn't Temptation Island. Madison reminds Ephram that he might have something to say to her. God, she is so smug. Ephram apologizes, even though it kills him. Madison says, "That was very manly. Apology accepted. Have a carrot stick." She walks away briskly. Go fly an umbrella or something, Madison. And I hope you crash.

Nina comes in and asks Ephram who that was. Ephram: "Oh, you mean Satan?" He tells Nina that she's Delia's new babysitter. Then he says he's sorry for all she's going through. Nina: "What are you sorry for?" Uh-oh. Treat's in trouble! Ephram says that his dad told him about Nina's divorce. Nina says, "Your dad told you that?" Delia calls for Ephram, leaving Nina to be hella pissed on her own.

Delia informs Ephram that they're going miniature golfing. She's super-excited. Ephram says that he doesn't want to go, because it's lame. Delia's face falls, and she tells Madison that she doesn't want to go, either, because it's lame. Madison gives Ephram a "fix it NOW, jackass" look. Ephram hurriedly tells Delia that he'll go. Delia's happy. Madison still sucks, even though Ephram was totally out of line.

Abbott Office of Ancient Chinese Secret! Heal you good! Make neck pain disappear! Rinda fix! Patch is in her office with pins sticking all out of his head. Rinda asks him how he feels. Patch says he feels foolish. Then he sits up, and says he feels pretty good, actually. Rinda says his chi was, like, totally blocked. She tells him that the treatment she performed is linked to the emotions, so he might start to feel very vulnerable for a while. Patch pooh-poohs her, saying he had a neck cramp, is all. Rinda wishes him luck on his speech, and reminds him, "A good speech needs to come from the heart!" Gah! The Anvil of Foreshadowing just hit me on the head. Ouch.

Brown Office. Blah blah Treat wants Daddy Hart to partake in a new treatment, blah blah he doesn't want to, blah blah dead son, sadness, boring. Treat says that Daddy Hart needs help. Daddy Hart says he'd rather be drunk than have to think about Colin. He tells Treat, "No matter what I tell you, I'm going to drink tonight." Treat says if there's one emotion he can identify with, it's grief. Daddy Hart says that Treat may know grief, but it's a very different sort than losing a child. He says, "You mourn what you had. I mourn what will never be." Aw, that was sort of sad. Daddy Hart leaves to head for the bar and tie one on. Martini, straight up, please.

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