Enemy of My Enemy

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Science Fiction Double Feature

Elsewhere, Broyles is welcoming Lincoln Lee and Peter back through the trans-universe gate, with Peter immediately taking the blame for their little excursion. Broyles, all business, tells him to save it, because there's a chopper waiting and the tech team is already en route to the quarry, where they'll meet them. As they leave, Peter asks Olivia how much trouble she's in. "On a scale of one to ten? A lot," she says, adding, to an apologetic Peter, that it'll blow over, given that this isn't the first time this loose-cannon agent has played by her own rules.

Meanwhile, Walter has fixed Elizabeth a cup of tea, correctly putting honey in it instead of sugar, because that's how his Elizabeth liked it. She says that her being here must remind her of a lot, just like how she's reminded of that night he came to the other side and took Peter away with him. Oh sure, focus on the worst thing he did! What about all the times he didn't take your son away from you? Nobody ever talks about those!

So for the past two decades, as Walter has beaten himself up for what he did, Elizabeth has forgiven him because he was just trying to save Peter, and she saw how much he loved him. What she calls Walter's strength, though, Walter calls his hubris, and he's been punished for it ever since. "I broke universes. I asked for a sign of forgiveness, but I got nothing. There is no absolution for me," he says. Elizabeth doesn't agree with that though, figuring that if she can forgive Walter for what happened, then God can. I don't know -- God knows how to hold a grudge.

Walter says nothing, but it looks like to me that forgiveness from Elizabeth -- this Elizabeth, anyway -- is worth more than forgiveness from God. She takes his hand and talks about how they both lost their sons and will never watch them grow up, fall in love, and have babies. Holy shit, Earth-2's Peter could have had a baby? That seems like an even bigger deal than zeppelins flying around! Anyway, she's of the opinion that there's something of their sons in this Peter, and she knows Walter feels it too.

Walter's resistance crumbles until finally he admits that he's afraid. "So is he," says Elizabeth.

Looks like they're in the right universe this time -- David Jones and Nadine Park are going over blueprints in the quarry while their crew digs up the area. That's when the Fringe team comes roaring in, guns at the ready. Well, except for Peter, who asks Lee for a gun. "Think you'll need a gun?" asks Lee, and can I ask why the hell you're bringing Peter to a potential firefight without giving him some kind of protection? Well, at least he's got a bulletproof vest on.

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