Enemy of My Enemy

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Science Fiction Double Feature

A shower of automatic-weapons fire puts holes in the windshields of the FBI vehicles, and the agents spill out, firing their own weapons back. Jones, getting in the passenger side of a large truck, says, "We are done here," to the driver, but we don't see who it is, just get the POV shot, so it looks like Jones is saying that directly to us, which was kind of disconcerting. As Jones and his driver peel out towards the portal that a henchman is opening up, Olivia pursues in her SUV, a frantic Peter yelling into his walkie-talkie that the window will close behind him, and if it closes while she's going through it, it will kill her. Olivia completely ignores him, chasing the truck as it drives through into the alternate universe. Then there's a flash, and Peter tries to raise Olivia on her walkie-talkie, and she has to wait out the requisite dramatic pause before answering, and we can see that the portal slammed shut on the hood, giving us a nifty cross-section of the engine.

And now the moment we've all waited for! Probably! Olivia and Fauxlivia! Lincolns Lee and Bee! Broyles and Col. Broyles! All at the same table, seated across from each other! It's like those old Marvel Team-Up comic books I loved, only if it were Spider-Man plus a different Spider-Man! Walternate -- again, I marvel at how well John Noble portrays two different characters -- rails against the new breed of shape-shifter that has infiltrated both their worlds and says the only way to defeat them is to work together. "We know who our enemy is now. And that, in itself, is a distinct step forward."

And now Broyles and Col. Broyles are talking to each other! They're having a badass-off! Fringe Squared talks about how they have to figure out what Jones is after. That makes much more sense than not trying to figure out what he's after, I'll grant them that. Lee's quite pessimistic about their chances, since Jones has been ahead of them every step of the way. "He is holding all the cards on this," he says. Everyone's quiet, in silent acknowledgement.

Not to fear, though, because Peter says, "Not all of them. You have me." Hey, great! Looks like Mr. "Not My Fight" Bishop is deigning to help! Peter says he saw how nervous Jones was when Peter was questioning him, so if nothing else, Peter's a variable that Jones didn't plan for. While the music swells behind him, Peter confidently says that somewhere they stopped him once before, and they can stop him again.

After the meeting's done, Olivia's intensely ordering Peter to tell her everything he knows about Jones -- "every little detail that you remember" -- and she wants to get a room. Not the good kind of room -- the sex kind -- the kind where you work really, really late. Peter wants to get started tomorrow, because he feels like he hasn't slept in three days.

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