Enemy of My Enemy

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Science Fiction Double Feature

When they finally shut up for a damn second, they hear some noises coming from the warehouse and see light spilling out of a door that's slightly ajar, so they draw their guns and enter, finding David Jones, alone. From what we can see, most of the equipment that was there before is gone, but there is a stasis chamber left, a woman standing in it. I think I thought the people were floating in some sort of liquid last time but that doesn't appear to be the case here. The agents order Jones to put his hand up. He obliges, but being super-evil, and British (the best kind of super-evil), he asks the agents if they know what -- looking at the woman in the chamber -- she is.

Fauxlivia and Lincoln Lee are psyched because they love guessing games. A shapeshifter! says Fauxlivia. "She was once just a human being like any other," says Jones. Until you killed her, says Lincoln Bee. But she's not dead, Jones tells them, even though she once was, in a manner of speaking: "A bookkeeper for an accounting firm -- can you imagine anything more lifeless?" he says. Isn't that the job Ben Wyatt turned down on Parks and Recreation? For pretty much that exact reason? Anyway, Jones starts in on how this must be what it's like to have a child, to love as a parent does. Yeah, people with humans in stasis chambers always think that it's just like being a parent -- until they actually have their own children. Like people with pets that don't have kids.

Jones admits to having forty-seven such kids so far, and each one "perfect". He apologizes, though, as some sort of gas starts filling the chamber, and the woman inside jerks awake and starts to struggle. Lincoln Bee asks what Jones is doing to it, and an angry Jones has to point out that "it" is a "her". I mean, he may be murdering this poor woman, but that's no reason for shoddy pronoun usage! It's unsettling, to say the least, partly because the poor woman looks like a Marilyn Manson backup singer. A horrified Fauxlivia -- in lieu of trying to make Jones stop or maybe shooting the glass to let the gas out (although I suppose that might kill them too) asks why he did that. Jones "explains" that he did it because they don't him or what he's capable of. Well, they didn't know, anyway. "But if I'm willing to do that to someone I love dearly, imagine what I'll do to people I don't care about." Well, he could do like most people, and wait a socially acceptable length of time and unfriend them on Facebook, but that's probably not what he's talking about.

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