Enemy of My Enemy

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Science Fiction Double Feature

Back at Fringe Division, all we hear are the screams of the victims. In the hospital, the smoke has quickly filled the room while Samuels watches, and we can't see anything, save for a single hand that hits the glass in the door, and then slides off, leaving the skin of the palm behind and making a bloody smear, an image that gave me nightmares all weekend. You know, that gas is so instantly fatal that I'm not sure I'd stand behind two non-sealed doors to watch -- even the crutch would give a little bit, allowing some gas to escape -- but who knows how the homicidal mind works?

After the commercial break, we're back in our universe, where Fringe is tucked away nicely in the federal building. Olivia goes in to see Broyles, but he already knows about Peter and Lincoln Lee going on an unauthorized road trip to the other universe. He found out via word from his alter ego, who was just about as amused about it as Broyles is. Yeah, but you guys never smile, so no biggie. Olivia asks if Peter and Lee are OK. "They're fine. And we'll deal with the issue of your insubordination once we've resolved the situation," says Broyles. Ugh, there's nothing worse than knowing you're going to be punished but being forced to wait to find out what your punishment is. But Olivia's less worried about her impending execution for treason than she is about this "situation" that Broyles mentioned, so he starts filling her in, asking her if she knows David Robert Jones.

Back on the other side, Fringe Division is discussing the fallout from the hospital catastrophe: sixteen people were in the ER, all of them now dead. Lincoln Lee drops off Jones' requested tea, and then is stunned to find Walternate deciding to let Jones go, Jones having said that if he's not released within fourteen minutes, the next attack will be worse. Walternate tells Lincoln Lee that while he shares Lee's concerns, he can't in good conscience allow him to continue to attack civilian targets. Lincoln Bee comes in, all, "What's up?" and Lee angrily says they're going to let Jones just walk right out of here. He asks if they even know what's on the hard drive, and Fauxlivia says Jones was accessing government satellites, and Astrid is reviewing the data. Walternate tries to polish the turd by saying they'll be keeping Jones under constant surveillance, and the situation may even play out to their advantage: "We may learn who he's working with, where the other shapeshifters are." Because Jones has proven himself to be such an idiot that he'll lead you right to that information, I suppose.

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