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Science Fiction Double Feature

Bee suggests monitoring Jones with an internal tracker, like the one he just put into the tea that Jones is drinking right this second. Everyone agrees this was a stellar idea, so Broyles tells Fauxlivia and Bee to organize the surveillance detail, and Lincoln Lee steps forward to help.

Everyone -- not just the credited cast, but extras as well -- watches as Broyles marches Jones through the situation room to the elevator, where he removes Jones' handcuffs and hands over the hard drive. Jones is all, "Pip-pip, cheerio," and tips his bowler hat before -- with one last glance at Peter -- stepping on the elevator and skedaddling.

So the surveillance detail that Fringe has organized appears to consist simply of "everyone watch Jones at all times." Jones is just sitting at an outdoor table of some coffee shop in midtown Manhattan. But that doesn't stop Lincoln Bee, sitting with Col. Broyles in a nearby SUV from checking in with Fauxlivia -- who he calls "Red" and who is with Lincoln Lee watching Jones from a park bench across the way -- to see if she's "got" anything.

Fauxlivia says she's got the same as him: "I'm looking at a guy who knows he's being watched." Fauxlivia thinks Jones will make a move soon, though; it's coming up on lunchtime, and she thinks he's going to try to get lost in the lunch crowd. Lee notes that Fauxlivia and Bee seem close, and Fauxlivia says they are, before agitatedly clarifying that that doesn't mean they're banging each other or anything; they're just partners. Lee seems slightly hurt on behalf of his twin: "You don't have to say it like that, like you pity us," he says, and Fauxlivia explains that she just broke up with someone, and Bee's been her shoulder to cry on.

No time for that now! Jones gets up and goes over to a trash can, from which he removes a brown paper bag that contains some sort of Thermos. "I'm guessing that's not lunch," says Bee. Col. Broyles orders Hazmat and EOD personnel on standby. There's also an envelope with some cash in it, and Jones puts the Thermos under his arm and approaches some teenagers, asking one of them if he wants some money. Pretending to be somewhat sick -- well, given the toll universe-crossing takes on him, it's not really much of a stretch -- Jones says he needs help giving away all of it, since he's realized there's no point being the richest man in the cemetery.

So the teenager shouts, "This guy's giving out free money!" And who would have thought that the most preposterous scene ever in this show wouldn't have involved something supernatural? I mean, Jones is instantly swarmed by everyone within earshot. Nobody seems suspicious, nobody seems to think, "Let's wait-and-see what's going here" -- it's just instant mob scene. Seriously, go down to the mall and yell, "This guy's giving out free money!" and see if people react this quickly. Maybe people in the alternate universe -- which has been disintegrating before their very eyes for years -- are more trusting than over here?

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