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Degenerates: Have a Magical Horse Moment that goes on forever and ever until one of them gets their period and/or starts dating boys.


Porky (Joe something?): "All my jockeys have a falling-down problem. Make sure you prescribe Hot Drunk Ronnie with a bunch of pain pills so he can immediately become the addict he was born to be, Doc."
Ronnie: "This whole bottle, just for me? I'm going to the bathroom to crush them up and snort them with a fifth of Cutty Sark, then go on an insane drug abusing spree that ends in my grisly barf-aspirating demise. Maybe I should call my sponsor first, though. I don't think I'll be making today's Meeting."


"Welcome to HBO's Quarterly Self-Righteous Feature Films About Current Events Theatre, from the people who brought you Too Big To Fail and The Iron Lady."

The 99%: "Derivatives. You spin numbers off from what they're supposed to represent. But values, except for numbers, go into the shitter. Money becomes only itself."
Nathan Israel: "Cool, I'll just go out and get some overalls and some earthworms."

I mean, yeah derivatives are gross and evil, but not as evil or destructive as turning corporations into people or letting them buy votes. Keep your eyes on the prize. As it stands, it just seems like shoehorned-in moral relativity so that you don't mind so much that Ace is setting this kid up for a huge, possibly deadly fall. You can't leverage the fact that Ace is putting every other single character on the show in jeopardy by pointing out that banks are also bad. Both things are true, so why draw the connection? It's just enough dog-whistles so that whatever part of the last five years managed to filter into your consciousness will mark this kid as being enough of the enemy that we don't care what happens to him. It's cheap storytelling.

Ace: "Do you make a million dollars? I will give you a million dollars a month to do unspecified things for me."
Nathan Israel: "Sure, that doesn't sound like a terrible idea."
Ace: "So go home, come back tomorrow, tell me every fucking thing you did between now and then. If I like what I hear, we're on."
Nathan Israel: "Okay but like what will my job be?"
Ace: "That's a stupid question. Get out."

Nathan Israel: "Nice to meet you, Gus."
Gus: "We didn't meet."
Nathan Israel: "Well, then I'll just go fuck myself."

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