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Every Part & Aspect

(He does.)

Gus & Ace: Giggle like the impotent bitches that they are.


The Old Man: "So Ronnie broke his collarbone."
Random: "It'll be okay."
The Old Man: "Give our horse some peppermint so he doesn't raise Cain and hurt himself."
Random: "Everything you say is so awesome! But I think the horse would prefer that you be the one that gives him the peppermint."

The Old Man, To Himself: "Jesus Christ, you fucked this up. Every part and every damn aspect."


Detective Conaboy: "So the deal with those ladies is that they would sign guys up on life insurance, and then kill them. What you might not know is that they are right this second headed to Philadelphia. Where there are men."
Lonnie: "Wait, so they really were going to kill me? Man, that sucks precisely as much as I thought it would."
Wheels: (Harasses the detective the same annoying way he does everybody else.)
Jerry: "Okay, well, I'm off to be a gambling addict."
Degenerates: "That was a very short grace period of him not doing that."


Porky Pig: "Leon, how many billiard balls do you see on this table?"
Leon, grinning: "The double vision's almost gone, but arglebarglebargle."
Porky Pig: "You should learn the art of moderation."
Leon, pointing: "When I was home for Christmas, Joey? Me and my brother got to measuring pointing fingers. Mine was bigger, though my brother is larger than I in most ways."
Porky Pig: "That was a very good story. And your brother and his finger aren't as good of a jockey as you are. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to bother the Old Man."

Porky Pig: "Walter, trust me when I say Ronnie is going to be just..."
The Old Man: "Remember when you got Rosie that agent up north? Thanks for that. My problem now is, I don't want to screw up her chances there by calling her back to race my horse, because I don't really know what's going on up there. I feel incredibly nervous about even making the call, because I don't want to harm her career."
Porky Pig: "My idea of subtlety is just to keep repeating phrases like 'temporary fix' and 'just one ride' so that you don't hire her back permanently, cutting me out of your amazing future with GUM."

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